History Collection

Mildred Tanner History Collection

Local History Area

Interested in the history of Victor Harbor? You may find something of interest within the Mildred Tanner History Collection at the Victor Harbor Library.

Resources include biographies and family stories, genealogy, periodicals, newspapers, heritage surveys, local community newsletters, and photographs.

The Southern Argus (1853 -1913) and The Times (from its inception in 1912 until 1992) are accessible on the Library computers.

Histories of the local area and a number of other centres throughout South Australia can be found on our shelves.

People with an interest in genealogy will find South Australian births, deaths, and marriages on the Digger Database, Ancestry.com and the Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-1885.

If you are seeking help with your family history reference work, you may wish to book a help session with the Encounter Bay Family History Group. Please contact the Library for more information.

The EBFHG group have produced a companion index to the whole local history collection which are listed names contained in the local history items. The companion index is available here Companion Index.

Oral History Program

We are very excited to be able to provide access to interviews with some of Victor Harbor's long term residents, as well as transcripts to read. These capture a personal and unique experience of local history in Victor Harbor.

Please click on the links below for transcripts of currently available interviews. Recordings are only available within the library.

Scott Adamson - Oral History Transcript(321 kb)

Donald Bartel - Oral History Transcript(378 kb)

Jeff Battye - Oral History Transcript(345 kb)

Anne Boulter - Oral History Transcript(294 kb)

Ruve Brookman - Oral History Transcript(339 kb)

Val Brown - Oral History Transcript(1087 kb)

Ken Collins - Oral History Transcript(563 kb)

Liz Cooper - Oral History Transcript (625 kb)

John Crompton - Oral History Transcript(408 kb)

Betty Dawe - Oral History Transcript(326 kb)

Geoff Depledge - Oral History Transcript(710 kb)

Carlene Farmer - Oral History Transcript(607 kb)

Alan Field - Oral History Transcript(716 kb)

Aileen Gale - Oral History Transcript(296 kb)

Andrew Jeffery - Oral History Transcript(518 kb)

Doug Jenkins - Oral History Transcript(547 kb)

James Lester - Oral History Transcript(281 kb)

Peter Leane - Oral History Transcript(275 kb)

Margaret Meegan - Oral History Transcript(314 kb)

Ian Milnes - Oral History Transcript(615 kb)

Graham Nottle - Oral History Transcript(501 kb)

Warren Parsons - Oral History Transcript(546 kb)

John Rose - Oral History Transcript(581 kb)

Doug Schultz - Oral History Transcript(244 kb)

Janet Sheehan - Oral History Transcript(419 kb)

Irma Springbett - Oral History Transcript(287 kb)

Leah Tapscott - Oral History Transcipt(327 kb)

Peter Tuggwell - Oral History Transcript(694 kb)

Pat Uphill - Oral History Transcript(328 kb)

Nathalie White (nee Abbott) - Oral History Transcript(596 kb)