Yilki Coastal Protection Works

Rising tides and storm surges are causing severe erosion and damage to the coastline at Franklin Parade, Encounter Bay (otherwise known as Yilki).

Council is acutely aware of growing risks to the natural environmental and coastal infrastructure, and is working towards an effective solution for protecting this highly valued stretch of shoreline.

Emergency works

In June 2022, a major storm event was responsible for significant erosion to the dune system adjacent to the Encounter Bikeway along Franklin Parade in the Yilki area. In consultation with the Coast Protection Branch, Council responded quickly to this incident, placing 600 tonnes of bluestone rocks to form a protective revetment along the damaged coastline.

Emergency coastal protection works in June 2022

Similarly severe storm events in June 2023 have caused further damage along the coastline (particularly at Yilki, and to a lesser extent, adjacent to the GT Fisher Playground on Flinders Parade). To prevent further erosion, Council will be undertaking a range of works including:

  • Sand compacting
  • Replacement of geo-fabric
  • ‘Restacking’ existing bluestone rocks
  • Installation of larger bluestone rocks.

These on-site works commenced on Monday, 10 July 2023 and are expected to take two weeks (subject to weather).

Council acknowledges the Coast Protection Branch (Department for Environment and Water) for its funding contribution towards implementation of the emergency works.

Long-term solution

Although Council is proactive in carrying out emergency works when required, a more sustainable solution is vital to safeguard the Yilki coastline in the longer term. Our Coastal Adaptation Study and Strategy demonstrates that our natural environment and built assets will continue to be impacted by rising sea levels in the future.

Council has identified coastal protection measures as a priority in its 2023/24 Annual Business Plan and Budget, with a coastal seawall at Yilki noted as a major capital project. Further detailed designs for coastal protection measures between Yilki and The Bluff are also planned.

Council has received some grant funding via the Federal Government’s Coastal and Estuarine Risk Mitigation Program, and the National Disaster Ready Fund to support a longer-term solution.

Council will continue to work closely with the Coast Protection Branch and other authorities to ensure the best outcomes for this area and our community.

More information

For further information, contact the City of Victor Harbor at localgov@victor.sa.gov.au or 8551 0500.

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