Whaler's Well

Local artist Matt Turley created this art installation located in front of Eat at Whalers at The Bluff Boat Ramp carpark.

Wrapping around the Whaler’s Well, Turley has created three Corten steel sculptures including a whale, whalers and a try pot to acknowledge this important part of Victor Harbor’s local history and European settlement.

The pieces are made up of layered Corten steel strips, with stainless highlights in each piece. The layers add contrast and depth, and the abstract shapes were created to add a deeper level of interest instead of a direct representation.

Did you know? The remains of this brick-lined Whaler’s Well was discovered accidentally during excavations for The Bluff Boat Ramp carpark in 2017. After further archaeological investigations the well was professionally restored and is thought to be associated with the Rosetta Harbor Whaling Station, established in early 1837.

Whaler's Well Interpretive Sign

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