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Mandatory Notifications

The Development Act requires notification at certain stages during building work construction to be given to Council. Notification of the following stages of building work must be given to the Council:

  • one business days notice of commencement of building work on the site;
  • one business days notice of completion of structural steel reinforcement for concrete footings or other floors;
  • one business days notice of intended completion of wall framing prior to installation of linings;
  • one business days notice of the completion of all roof framing forming part of the building work prior to the installation of the roof covering (including top and bottom chord restraints, bracing and tie-downs);
  • one business days notice of intended completion of any fire walls, fire rated separation or smoke barriers, prior to the installation of linings or other building components rendering inspection not possible (if any); and
  • one business days notice of completion of the building work.

Methods of Notifying Council

Council's preferred methods of notification of the building work stages are:

To assist in providing this information to Council please see the following form - Mandatory Notification of Building Work

When notifying Council, Development Application Number, Site Address and Contact details (name and telephone number) must be provided.

Notification Responsibilities

The person who gives the notice of  roof framing (excluding portal framing) must, within 1 business day after the notice is given, provide to the Council a duly completed building supervisor's checklist. The checklist must be completed and signed by a registered building work supervisor, who has undertaken the required training recognised under a scheme approved by the Minister.

A person must not conceal any completed roof framing until after the expiration of 2 clear business days after the notification has been received by the Council.

Supervisor's Checklist

The supervisor’s checklist includes provisions relating to the handling, installation and inspection of roof framing, which must be systematically “ticked off” during the delivery and construction of the roof framing system.

A completed supervisor’s checklist, signed by a registered building work supervisor who has undertaken the required training, must be provided to Council within 1 business day after giving notice that the roof framing is complete.

The supervisor’s checklist is required for 100% of building rules consents involving the construction of roof framing. Below are specific checklists dependent on the roof type and/or class.

Reg 74 Checklist - Truss Timber

Reg 74 Checklist - Truss Steel

Reg 74 Checklist - Conventional Timber

Reg 74 Checklist - Conventional Steel

Reg 74 Checklist - Class 10 (Attached to existing Roof Framing)

Reg 74 - Checklist - Designated Building Products (on a designated building - Class 2 to 9 where applicable)


Notification of roof frame completion, supervisor’s checklists and roof concealment do not apply to:

  • Class 10 buildings, other than where the Class 10 building is attached to any part of the roof of a building of another class; or
  • Transportable buildings.

Further Information

Should you require additional information or wish to discuss any of the above matters please contact Councils office on 8551 0500 or via

A publication titled “Guide to Safer Roof Framing” provides a detailed background and guidance to assist the building industry, councils and private certifiers to understand the new rules related to design, documentation, assessment, approval , storage, handling, construction and inspection of roof framing.