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Mobile Food Vendors

The City of Victor Harbor welcomes Mobile Food Vendors to operate at specified locations within the Council area to enhance and complement existing food businesses by cultivating a vibrant community culture through the activation of streets and public places.

Applying for a permit

Mobile food vendors are required to seek Council’s permission by submitting a permit application form with supporting documents and the payment of the prescribed fee.

Permits can be issued on an annual or monthly basis.

The Permit fee is:

$2,000 per annum or $200 per month

Mobile Food Vendor Permit Guidelines must be read in conjunction with the completion of the Permit application form.

Mobile Food Vendor Booklet(1200 kb) - Includes Permit Guidelines and location maps

Mobile Food Vendor Permit application form(72 kb)

Documents are also available from the City of Victor Harbor Civic Centre

(1 Bay Road, Victor Harbor).

For further information contact the Council office on (08) 8551 0500 or email:

Providing Feedback

You can provide feedback by completing the online feedback form.

Alternatively, pick up a hard copy feedback form from the Civic Centre.

Right of Appeal

If an operator of a food business in the Council area is directly adversely affected by Council’s location rules the operator is encouraged to discuss with Council. The operator may also apply to the Small Business Commissioner for a review of the location rules.

Mobile Food Vendor Permit Approved Locations

The following standard conditions apply for all sites (unless otherwise stated or approved by Council): These locations do not apply to mobile icecream vendors.

  • Only one (1) mobile food vendor permitted unless otherwise stated on the individual site specific conditions
  • Mobile food vehicles must be self –sufficient as there is no opportunity for connection to water or power.
  • Operating hours – sunrise to sunset
  • Occupation of a site is on a ‘first in’ basis
  • There is no minimum or maximum stay limit between the listed hours of operation
  • When an approved location offers more than one car parking area to operate, this means the operator is able to choose which space within that site to operate but does not permit for more than one mobile food vending operator to utilize that site (unless otherwise stated on the individual site specific conditions)
  • Exclusive use of an area is not permitted and areas are not to be reserved
  • Mobile food vendors should serve away from moving traffic / other vehicles and towards footpaths / reserves / beach
  • Mobile food vendors should park as not to restrict other users of the parking areas
  • Mobile food vehicles may be excluded from certain locations dependent on size and movability of the vehicle.