Fire Danger Season commences

Published 15th November 2023
The Fire Danger Season for the Mount Lofty Ranges is commencing earlier this year, on 15 November 2023. Learn what this means for you.

The Fire Danger Season for the Mount Lofty Ranges (encompassing Victor Harbor) has now commenced.

Restrictions under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005 will be enforced.

What can I do/What can't I do?

Various restrictions are in place throughout the Fire Danger Season to reduce the risk of fire spreading. There are certain things you cannot do during Fire Danger Season without a permit, including lighting a fire and burning off.

Additional restrictions come into place during Total Fire Ban Days.

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Being prepared

Simple things can save your life. When preparing for fire and during a fire, you should:

  • Know the daily Fire Danger Rating for your area
  • Understand the different Bushfire Warning levels
  • Watch for signs of fire, especially smoke and flames
  • Act decisively the moment you know there is danger
  • Be ready to put your Bushfire Survival Plan into action (avoid a "wait and see" response)
  • Stay informed using more than one source of information

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