Street Signs

Wherever practicable, street signs and directional signs are approved and erected by Council. For a copy of the City of Victor Harbor Signage Policy and/or Signage Guidelines, please refer to our policies listing.

Business Directional Signs

Business directional signs are to be paid for and ordered through the Council's Department of Environment & Infrastructure who shall install the ordered sign once full payment is received. Contact 08 8551 0500 for more information.

The maximum number of signs on each standard pole shall be five and the minimum height of any sign shall be in accordance with Australian Standards.

Please note that the City of Victor Harbor will not be held liable or responsible for any damage or misplacement of the sign and/or post and brackets. Therefore if the sign is damaged or unwillingly removed from the site, repair or replacement is to be at the cost of the business owner through Council.

To apply for a business directional sign, view the City of Victor Harbor's Permits and Applications.

Speed Limit Signage

City of Victor Harbor Roads

Speed limits and/or signage, through out the City of Victor Harbor, are set and positioned in accordance with the Australian Road Standard 1742.4, Speed Controls (AS1742.4).

Requests for the review of a current speed limit and/or sign location, for roads managed and maintained by the City of Victor Harbor, are subject to the following procedure;

  1. Complete Application for Speed Limit Review and submit to the City of Victor Harbor. Email or PO Box 11, Bay Road, Victor Harbor 5211.
  2. The Director of the Environment and Infrastructure (or delegate) will inspect the location, with reference to the details within the Application for Speed Limit Review and related road standard documentation.
  3. If the Director of the Environment and Infrastructure (or delegate) assessment highlights a need for further investigation, their recommendations are forwarded to the State Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT).
  4. DIT review the City of Victor Harbor, Director of the Environment and Infrastructure (or delegate) recommendation’s, noting that DIT has the delegated authority to approval all speed zone changes.
  5. DIT notify the City of Victor Harbor of the outcome and any action required.

Main Arterial Roads (DPTI Roads)

Main arterial roads that travel through the City of Victor Harbor are owned and managed by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT). These roads include Adelaide - Victor Harbor Road, Hindmarsh Road, Torrens Street, Victoria Street,  George Main Road, Inman Valley - Yankalilla Road, and Hindmarsh Tiers Road.

To request a speed limit or signage review on these roads, please contact DIT at or 8532 8111.

Rural Property Addressing

In June 2008 the State Government and Local Government Association announced that the new distance based numbering system for rural properties across South Australia would be introduced by 2011. The new Rural Property Addressing (RPA) system will allow emergency services, delivery drivers and visitors to easily find the entrance to the property.

The new number is the distance in meters from the start of the road to your entrance, divided by 10. Odd numbers are on the left hand side of the road and even numbers are on the right hand side. Example: If your address is 508 Inman Valley Road, your entrance is 5,080 meters (5.08 kilometers) from the start of Inman Valley Road and is on the right hand side.

If you have not received a Rural Property Address but require one, or require multiple addresses for your property please complete the Rural Property Address Application Form.

Illegal Signage

If advice is received that signs have been affixed without Council consent or remain in place after the deadline for removal, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. The relevant officer is to notify the organisation/persons by phone/facsimile, requesting removal of the signs within 24 hours.
  2. If the signs are not removed within 24 hours, instructions will be given to immediately remove or paint over the offending signs and Council will charge the resultant cost to the parties responsible.
  3. If evidence can be obtained of persons affixing the offending sign, this information will be referred to the relevant officer for possible legal proceedings.

Signs In Public Places During Federal, State and Local Government Elections

Prior to any signs being posted, affixed or erected on property under the care and control of Council, ETSA Utilities or TSA for the purposes of candidate promotion in Federal, State or Local Government Elections, Council consent must be obtained.

Where Council consent is given, a number of terms and conditions for signs must be complied with.

  1. not be more than 1 square metre in area and be limited to one sign per site/pole. A back to back sign facing two directions is considered to be one sign for this purpose. (For private fences a larger area is permissible - please refer to point 4 below).

    Please note: Places designated as polling booths/places for Federal and State Elections and Referenda will not be subject to this requirement on polling day only.
  2. only be displayed, in the case of State and Commonwealth elections during the period commencing on the issue of the writ or writs for the election and ending at the close of polls on polling day, and in the case of Council elections, from the date that nominations close until the close of voting. Should they not be removed within two days (48 hours) they will be considered illegal signs/posters and Council will implement the provisions of this policy (please refer below to: Illegal Signs);
  3. be securely fixed or posted and maintained in good repair and condition at all times;
  4. be designed, made, and presented in a quality manner (the intent is that signs must not tear apart and become a danger to road users and end up as litter);
  5. contain clear and legible writing or symbols;
  6. contain the name and address of both the person authorising the promotional material and the printer of it, along with a phone contact number of the authorising person or party, and
  7. be fastened securely so that they cannot become detached in high winds and endanger Council, ETSA Utilities or TSA property or equipment or pose a danger to the public.
  1. be illuminated (internally or indirectly), move, flash, rotate, or reflect so as to be an undue distraction to drivers;
  2. be self adhesive. All individual promotional material affixed under the terms of this consent may only be affixed by non-invasive means that do not cause damage of any type to the structure to which the material is affixed. If a paste is to be used, it must be of a water based/wallpaper type (or similar);
  3. be affixed under any circumstances to trees, shrubs, or other plants or at any location that may cause damage to Council property;
  4. be placed on a carriageway, dividing strip, traffic island, roundabout, within 50 metres of a signalised intersection or pedestrian activated crossing;
  5. be placed within 6 metres of an intersection or junction, or in any other location that may pose a hazard to pedestrians or road users;
  6. be attached to any street name, traffic direction or parking sign or to the associated pole;
  7. be erected on poles or towers carrying transmission lines (these can generally be identified as all poles, which are taller than 11 metres);
  8. be attached to ETSA Utilities padmounted transformers or switching cubicles;
  9. be placed so as to cover any Council ETSA or TSA signs or markings;
  10. be placed on TSA structures with the exception of "gooseneck" light poles belonging to TSA. Structures which belong to TSA, include road bridges on arterial roads, traffic control boxes, traffic signal poles, signal boxes, traffic signs and other traffic control devices, guide posts and pedestrian fences located with the road reserve;
  11. be placed in a location on a pole or fence so as to aid the climbing of the pole or fence;
  12. be placed so as to restrict the sight distance for road users and pedestrians crossing the road;
  13. compete with or reduce the effectiveness of other signs and traffic control devices;
  14. resemble a traffic control device, or be mistaken by road users as a traffic control device;
  15. advertise any organisation other than a registered political party or candidate.
  • Where signs are fixed or posted on poles adjacent to footpaths or roadways such signs shall only be between a height of 2 to 3 metres from the ground with nothing above the sign to affix it or anything else to the pole. There is a total prohibition to any point higher than 3 metres from the ground.
  • Signs on private fences, including those adjoining Council land, shall have a total advertisement area of not more than 2 square metres and be limited to one sign per candidate/party per site/location.
  • The person or party responsible for the sign must maintain the sign. The person or party is also responsible for ensuring that safety is maintained whilst the sign is being installed or removed and no traffic disruption is to occur during the installation or removal process.
  • The person(s) to whom consent is granted and any persons acting on their behalf, accept full responsibility for any personal injury, damage or loss in any way arising out of or consequent upon the display of election material and acknowledge(s) that the Council, ETSA Utilities or TSA have no liability or responsibility in relation to such matters whatsoever.
  • It is a condition precedent to the granting of consent that if any breach occurs which results in action by or on behalf of the Council to enforce the conditions of this policy and thereby results in costs and expenses for the Council, then such costs and expenses will be recovered by the Council from the person(s) responsible. These costs will include removal and/or destruction of the offending material by an officer or agent of the Council.
  • Should the applicant propose to use property belonging to any party - other than Council, ETSA Utilities or TSA - they must firstly obtain the written consent of that third party. Upon request by Council, the applicant must produce such written consent. In cases where there is property involved belonging to any other party, Council approval will be subject to all of the relevant matters contained in this policy.

A breach of, or non-compliance with, any of the conditions of the policy will invalidate the consent and may result in a report being prepared for consideration by Council with a view to prosecuting the offender.

Any person wishing to gain consent of the Council for electoral signs should make a written application addressed to the Council and seeking approval to erect signs in accordance with the Council policy.

More Information

For further information, contact the City of Victor Harbor on 8551 0500 or