Roads and Traffic Applications

Authorisation to Carry Out Works on Roads (Includes Road Reserves, Footpaths, Naturestrips)

An application is required for any works undertaken on Council land.

This application applies to any works to be conducted on land which is owned or under the authority of City of Victor Harbor (Council).Works include but are not limited to any activity which alters or disturbs the pavement or surface of the land or infrastructure, or occupies Council Land.

To apply to undertake works on Council land please complete and submit the Standard Specification for Excavation and Reinstatement of Pavement’ and ‘Application for Authorisation to Carry out Works on Roads form.

No works are to occur until the applicant has received formal approval from Council.

Business Directional Sign

To apply for a Directional Sign please print and complete the Application for Street Direction Sign and return to the City of Victor Harbor.

The cost for direction signs approved by council, will be invoice and ordered once paid. Fees and Charges can be located in the relevant Fees & Charges financial year document, found on Councils website.

Please note that the City of Victor Harbor will not be held liable or responsible for any damage or misplacement of the sign and/or post and brackets, therefore if the sign is damaged or unwillingly removed from the site, repair or replacement is to be at the cost of the business owner through the above Department of Council.

For further information please refer to the City of Victor Harbor Signage Policy and Signage Guidelines.

Over Dimensional/Excess Mass Vehicle Permit

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) coordinates the access of heavy vehicles to ensure a safe, efficient and sustainable road network for industry.

The NHVR facilitates a range of access applications from start to finish by liaising directly with road managers (both state and territory road authorities and local government) to manage the application process and the issue of permits.

The NHVR is not a road owner and is unable to make an access decision on the road managers behalf. Road funding and maintenance responsibilities belong with state, territory and local governments.

For new permits or to amend/cancel/renew an existing permit, you will need to submit an access application

Additional information can be found at the following website -

Use of a Public Road for Business Purposes (Farming)

To apply to use a public road for business purposes (farming) please complete the application form for Use of a Public Road for Business Purposes (Farming).

Applicants are required to provide a copy of a current certificate of public liability insurance for the sum of $20,000,000.

If approved applicants are required to pay the relevant fee as listed in the City of Victor Harbor Fees & Charges, and are bound by the Permit Terms & Conditions.

Contact Details

For more information or to return completed application forms, please use one of the following options;

Postal: City of Victor Harbor, PO Box 11, Victor Harbor  SA  5211


Phone : 08 8551 0500