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Victor Harbor Mainstreet Precinct Upgrade

Mainstreet Upgrade Stage 1

The Mainstreet Precinct Upgrade will see the heart of Victor Harbor’s Town Centre transformed into a vibrant public space that celebrates the town’s character, encourages more activity and improves links with other areas of the town centre.

The project will be undertaken over a number of years, and will be based on the framework outlined with the City of Victor Harbor’s Mainstreet Precinct Master Plan which outlines streetscape designs for Ocean, Coral, McKinlay and Stuart Streets.

In 2016, Council completed Stage 1 of the upgrade (the intersection of Ocean and Coral streets). To celebrate the completion of the first stage a community street party was held and attended by hundreds of people.

Preparations for Stage 2 of the upgrade are underway. At its meeting on 26 June, the City of Victor Harbor Council amended the staging plan of the upgrade and Stage 2 will now incorporate the northern end of the Precinct, continuing on Ocean Street from the end of Stage 1 to Torrens Street. Previously Stage 2 was to extend along Ocean Street from each side of the newly upgrade intersection to the end of the pedestrian crossing points.

As a result of changing the stage plan of the upgrade, work needs to be undertaken on the design specifications for Stage 2 and an additional grant funding application will be submitted. Council plans for Stage 2 construction works to commence in May 2019.

Mainstreet Upgrade Staging Plan (June 2017)(437 kb)

About the design

The design of the Mainstreet celebrates the Southern Right Whales that come to the waters of Encounter Bay each year. The dimensions of the intersection and landscaped nodes reflect the size of a mature Southern Right Whale. The landscape and drainage system for stage 1 of the Master Plan uses water sensitive urban design techniques to filter stormwater. The process of filtering reflects the baleen plates of the whales that are used for filtering food. In addition, various planting beds will form distinctive organic patterns along the street. These forms are derived from the barnacle clusters that form across the head of the whales. Emulating the ribs of a Southern Right Whale are crafted street lights.


Mainstreet Precinct Master Plan Stage 1 Concept

The use of brick paving, concrete, timber and metal provides the Mainstreet Precinct with a durable and permanent public infrastructure framework that reflects the importance of the area and reinforces the heart of the city as a place for people.

More information?

If you have further questions about the project contact Council on (08) 8551 0500 or email localgov@victor.sa.gov.au

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