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Major Projects

Current Major Projects

Railway Turntable Site Redevelopment

Railway Turntable Site RedevelopmentThe Redevelopment of the Railway Turntable site on Eyre Terrace aims to celebrate Victor Harbor’s rich railway heritage, at the same time as enhancing a public place for the enjoyment of both locals and visitors.

The turntable mechanism will be the feature of the site. It is used by SteamRanger to turn the train and face the opposite direction, allowing it to reverse back to the station and re-connect to its carriages and transport passengers back to Goolwa.

What does the redevelopment involve?

The redevelopment involves the installation of new safety fencing, landscaping, seating, shelter, paving, pathways, heritage interpretation, public art and car parking.

When will construction start?

Construction will start in late March 2018 and is scheduled to be complete by July 2018.

How much will it cost?

The redevelopment project will cost approximately $461,500.

Why were the artistic elements chosen for this site?

The project will include four artistic elements to add interest and assist with interpreting the site’s historical connection.  The four elements are:

  • Blue sheep - sheep have a significant connection to this railway line, as local farmer’s transported large numbers by rail from this site. The sheep concept is playful, creating a point of interest and fun activity, also making the site a memorable place to visit;
  • Shelter – design elements were taken from a cockle train carriage, also including interpretive signage panels for the site;
  • Engine numbers – historical train numbers will be applied to the ground surface of the paved area for people to discover;
  • Fence and gate – historical inspired fence and gate design, located between the viewing area and the train turntable mechanism, also installed to enhance public safety.
Will there be work done to the actual turntable?

The turntable structure itself will not be altered as it remains a working, mechanical piece of infrastructure, owned and operated by SteamRanger.

More information?

Further queries should be directed to localgov@victor.sa.gov.au or 8551 0500.

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