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Flourishing on the Fleurieu

Community groups across the Alexandrina, Victor Harbor, Yankalilla and Kangaroo Island council areas are being encouraged to be a part of the 2021 Flourishing on the Fleurieu Festival.

Held every two years, the Flourishing on the Fleurieu Festival celebrates active ageing. It involves a program of events that showcase the many opportunities available for people to get involved in their local community and connect with others.

Maintaining social connections can become difficult as people get older and has become increasingly harder since the COVID-19 pandemic, with loneliness a real issue for many older people living in our communities. Addressing the challenge of loneliness requires a whole-of-community approach and each of us have a role to play. The Flourishing on the Fleurieu Festival encourages community groups to think about the valuable contribution they make and how they can reach out to people who may be experiencing loneliness within their community.

Following the postponement of the Festival in 2020 due to COVID-19, the 2021 Flourishing on the Fleurieu Festival will take place over two weeks from 17 to 30 April 2021. Community groups based in Alexandrina, Victor Harbor, Yankalilla and Kangaroo Island council areas are invited to take part in the festival by hosting an event or activity that aims to encourage new people to join in.

The Southern Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island Positive Ageing Taskforce are offering grants to small community-based groups assist in hosting an event during the Flourishing on the Fleurieu Festival. Hosting an event is a great opportunity to showcase the group and inspire older people to get involved.

Flourishing on the Fleurieu Festival grants are now open for applications. Grant guidelines and application forms are available below or via email request to Alternatively, paper copies can be collected from your local council office.

Events need to be held during the two week festival period, and should be aimed at encouraging older people to participate.

For more information about the Flourishing on the Fleurieu Festival and how your community group can get involved please contact Michelle Fuller on 8551 0500.

Closing date is Wednesday 23 Dec 2020.

2021 Flourishing on the Fleurieu Festival - Grant Application Form (Editable version)

2021 Flourishing on the Fleurieu Festival - Grant (Print version)

2021 Flourishing on the Fleurieu Festival - Grant Guidelines

Role and Structure of the Taskforce(39 kb)
Strategic Plan for the Southern Fleurieu Positive Ageing Taskforce (113 kb)

Membership Details form(144 kb)

Next meeting date:

Tues 11 August 2020 12 noon - 2pm.  Via Zoom Platform.  Please contact Michelle Fuller on 08 8551 0571 or email if you would like to attend.

Project Officer Reports:

August 2020 - Project Officer Report

June 2020 - Project Officer Report

April 2020 - Project Officer Report 

February 2020 - Project Officer Report

December 2019 - Project Officer Report
October 2019 - Project Officer Report
August 2019 - Project Officer Report(377 kb)
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April 2019 - Project Officer Report(346 kb)
Feb 2019 - Project Officer Report(361 kb)

Dec 2018 - Project Officer Report(351 kb)
October 2018 - Project Officer Report(357 kb)
August 2018 - Project Officer Report(327 kb)
June 2018 - Project Officer Report(318 kb)
April 2018 - Project Officer Report(255 kb)
February 2018 - Project Officer Report(245 kb)
December 2017 - Project Officer Report(248 kb)
October 2017 - Project Officer Report(261 kb)
August 2017 - Project Officer Report(252 kb)
June 2017 - Project Officer Report(261 kb)
April 2017 - Project Officer Report(248 kb)
February 2017 - Project Officer Report(233 kb)

Minutes of the Taskforce Meeting:

9 June 2020 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes

14 April 2020 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes 

11 February 2020 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes
10 December 2019 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes
8 October 2019 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes
13 August 2019 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes(779 kb)
11 June 2019 Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes(680 kb)
9 April 2019 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes(755 kb)
12 February 2019 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes(712 kb)
11 December 2018 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes(699 kb)
9 October 2018 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes(575 kb)
14 August 2018 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes(652 kb)
12th June 2018 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes(626 kb)
10th April 2018 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes(472 kb)
13th Feb 2018 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes(466 kb)
12th December 2017 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes(437 kb)
10th October 2017 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes(370 kb)
8th August 2017 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes(417 kb)
13th June 2017 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes(464 kb)
11th April 2017 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes(397 kb)
14th February 2017 - Positive Ageing Taskforce Minutes(381 kb)

What is a Dementia Friendly Community?

A dementia-friendly community is a place where people living with dementia are supported to live a high quality of life with meaning, purpose and value. This means recognising the need for a person with dementia to continue to participate in the community through activities they enjoy, whether through employment, volunteering or social activities. Each dementia-friendly community will look different, but may include:

  • Businesses that have staff who understand dementia and know how to communicate effectively with people who have dementia
  • Employers that provide support for people living with the disabilities of dementia to continue with paid employment
  • Volunteering opportunities for people with dementia
  • Support groups for people with dementia and their families
  • Sporting clubs and social groups that are welcoming and inclusive of members with dementia
  • Adult education facilities that provide learning opportunities for people with dementia, such as learning a new language or musical instrument.

Free online Dementia Friendly Communities resources are now available:

  • Dementia Friends – free online dementia awareness module
    Access ‘Becoming a Dementia Friend’ at this link: This is a great starting point for increased dementia awareness, especially for those who may have never had any exposure to dementia. There are several modules available.
  • Become a Dementia Friends Host
    To discuss the Dementia Friends Host opportunity – please contact Liz Withall at
  • Dementia Friendly – formal recognition

Organisations that are interested in exploring how to become more dementia friendly and work towards formal recognition as an organisation that is ‘Working Towards Dementia Friendly’ are encouraged to look at the Business/Organisation tool kit, available here:

Residential care providers are advised to contact the Centre for Dementia Learning team to identify appropriate additional training to meet the needs of staff.

For any other Dementia Friendly Communities questions please feel free to contact Liz Withall on 83722194 or via email

Dementia Friendly Cinema Days at Victa Cinema

Victa Cinema are running screening tailored to those living with dementia as well as their family members and carers.
These cinema sessions will provide a fun social outing in a dementia friendly environment.  The film is shown with dimmed lights and lowered volume with no adverts and trailers.

Companion cards are accepted.  Tickets are $10 and available only at the cinema.

Dementia friendly sessions are held on the final friday of each month (outside of school holidays).  Look for the purple highlighted session on the programs.

Visit Victor Cinema website for more details.

The CADDY Project – a Dementia Friendly Community initiative : supporting meaningful community participation for people living with memory loss

The CADDY model was conceptualised by the local Dementia Action Group, a work group of the Positive Ageing Taskforce, following community consultation in the Southern Fleurieu region around the opportunities and challenges for people living with memory loss.

The principles of the CADDY model are based on a golfing analogy. Just as a pro-golfer is the expert of a game of golf, so too a person living with memory loss is the expert of their own life who has chosen activities to engage in which are meaningful to them and utilise their core strengths. A ‘caddy’ supports the golfer by carrying equipment and providing other assistance during the game to maximise positive outcomes for the golfer. At times a person living with memory loss may need support with selecting the appropriate resources or other assistance to be able to maintain engagement with their chosen social and community activities – a volunteer ‘caddy’ can help provide this role.

The Taskforce secured an Age Friendly SA grant from the Office for Ageing Well, SA Health to trial and evaluate the CADDY model during 2018. Since a key element of the project was to demonstrate sustainability of the model, grant funding was only used to evaluate the project and support some initial staff development. The project involved a number of significant partners as acknowledged in the Evaluation Report. The CADDY model was embedded into the existing infrastructure of two local community engagement programs; the Caring Neighbourhood Program at the City of Victor Harbor and Community Connect Program in Alexandrina Council.

Please refer to the key project documents below:

Key Messages(637 kb)

Full Evaluation Report(1437 kb)

The CADDY Resource Kit will be available here once finalised.

New Aged Care Quality Standards:

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission:
New Aged Care Quality Standards:

Information about ageing and aged care from/to Department of Health is available via:

Aged care content has been moved to the department’s new website. The new content is primarily directed at providers, assessors, and peak groups while My Aged Care remains the primary source of information for consumers. Old URLs will initially be redirected to their equivalent ones on the new website. However, users are encouraged to update their links over the coming weeks. 

Aged Care Roadmap: future reform directions for aged care

Wellness & Reablement resources from SA Collaborative Project events

Documented table discussion notes from the 2018 event Role Plays and World Café outcomes, along with pitch presentations from the day are available via this link: Editing of the film featuring the actor role plays is currently underway and this training resource is expected to be released early in 2019.

SA Collaborative Projects Symposium in 2017 : ‘No one should have no one’ - Campaign against Loneliness and Social Isolation.  To view the agenda & presentations from the event: