Event Applications

Event Applications

Festivals and events can act as a catalyst for economic development; and make a major contribution to positioning the City of Victor Harbor as a tourist destination; and boost the awareness of Victor Harbor as a vibrant city that offers opportunity and lifestyle.

The City of Victor Harbor is committed to promoting the region and providing activities and events that encourage a vibrant community culture and community interaction, in an ecological sustainable manner.

Reserve Hire

Whether you’re planning a conference, festival or sporting carnival, the City of Victor Harbor has a wide range of indoor venues, parks, reserves, ovals and waterways to suit your needs.

If you’d like to stage a special event, or a public event at a location owned or managed by the City of Victor Harbor, such as a park, reserve or indoor facility, then you will need approval from the Council before the event can go ahead.

Follow the link to locate a reserve or facility

Application for the Hire of a Reserve/Oval/Beach
Is your event anticipated to attract less than 1000 people?

If yes, please complete thesingleFileApplication for Reserve/Oval/Beach/Car Park Hire.

Application for a Major Festival or Event.
Is your event anticipated to attract over 1000 people, require road closures?

If yes to any of the above, you will need to complete a Major Festivals and Events Application Form. Refer to the Major Events section below.

Applications for sponsorship are accepted through our sponsorship program, click here for further information http://www.victor.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=2028

Major Festivals and Events Application

Council has an important role in identifying opportunities, providing support and resources and ensuring that events are conducted in way that is safe and environmentally sustainable.

Events that are considered a Major Event, are required to complete a Major Festivals and Events Application Form, Risk Assessment and Traffic Management Form (road closures only). Council requires a minimum three (3) months notice for all major event applications. 

Major Event Definition

A major event or festival considered under the policy is one that meets the following criteria:

  • Expected to attract in excess of 500 people at any one time on Council land;
  • Requires a road closure or significant traffic management;
  • Requires modifications to existing dry zone restrictions;
  • Likely to cause inconvenience to local residents;
  • May have a high degree of public interest;
  • Competition Car Rallies occurring on Council owned roads;

There may be other criteria that relates to your application that is not outlined above. Please contact Councils' Festivals and Events Officer on (08) 8551 0500 to clarify individual situations.

Where the applicant is simply seeking to use either a reserve, oval, carpark or building owned by Council, and the use does not meet the criteria outlined above, simply contact Council’s administration or refer to Locate or Hire a Facility page on Council’s website.

The Application Process

Events seeking Council assistance with road closures require a minimum three (3) months notice. 


Applications that comply with the criteria outlined above must in the first instance contact Councils' Festivals and Events Officer for an initial assessment.


The applicant will be required to lodge paperwork that directly relates to their event or Festival (refer below).


If deemed necessary a report will be prepared by the Festivals and Events Officer and presented to Council for consideration (this may take up to 6-8 week due to timing of Council meetings).


Following a decision from Council the Festivals and Events Officer will be in touch to follow up on all matters relating to Council, including the provision of any sponsorship that may have been committed to or administrative duties. If an event has been unsuccessful, Council administration may be in position to provide options for the applicant to consider. This may be different for each case.


The applicant to provide a post event evaluation report  (if a requirement of any approval).


Application Forms

The nature of your event will determine the application forms that will need to be completed.  All major event application forms can be downloaded from the below links:

Major Festival and Event Application Form(558 kb)

Risk Management Plan(323 kb)

Traffic Management Plan(151 kb)

All forms are editable to ensure that the application process is not too onerous for recurrent events.  

PLEASE NOTE:  to ensure that the application process is not delayed it is strongly recommended that the event coordinator(s) meet with Councils' Festivals and Events Officer prior to completing / lodging the forms.

Festivals and Events Sponsorship

Click here for for further informaiton on Council's Festivals and Events Sponsorship Program.

Want more information?

The Festivals and Events Officer can be contacted on (08) 8551 0500 or localgov@victor.sa.gov.au