Grant Information

Arts and Culture Grants Program

The City of Victor Harbor has introduced an Arts and Culture Grants Program to:

  • Increase awareness of the importance of art and culture in the community
  • Facilitate the creation of engaging art in Victor Harbor;
  • Support artists in Victor Harbor in the pursuit of excellence and innovation in arts practice; and
  • Facilitate more people experiencing and participating in art in Victor Harbor.

The grant program specifically seeks to provide assistance towards the costs of:

  • public presentation (advertising, promotional printing, mailouts, media photographs, media releases, equipment rental, framing, freight, installation costs, travel etc)
  • arts development activities (costs associated with providing workshops by professional artists in visual and media arts, craft and design, performance arts, literary arts and music)
  • Victor Harbor artists accessing professional development opportunities they would not otherwise be able to access, due to living in a regional community (travel and registration costs).
Applications for 2019 grants have now closed.
The 2020 grant program is due for release in March 2020.

For more information contact Peta Johnston on (08) 8551 0500.

Community Grants Program

Council wants to help you improve the wellbeing of the people within our community through our Community Grants Program.

The Community Grants Program aims to assist not-for-profit community groups and organisations provide services that improve the quality of life and independence of people within the Victor Harbor community.

In the past grants have been provided for sporting equipment for local groups, maintaining community buildings, community health initiatives and training.

The 2020 grant program is due to open on 2 March until 30 April 2020.

City of Victor Harbor Community Grants Program - Certification form(203 kb)

For more information contact Mr Mark Oliphant on (08) 8551 0540.

Festivals & Events Sponsorship Program

The City of Victor Harbor is committed to fostering a vibrant festival and event culture that delivers economic, social and promotional outcomes for its community.

Through the Festivals & Events Sponsorship program, the City of Victor Harbor seeks to:

  • Foster a range of events that cultivates a vibrant community culture, expands the economy and enhances the visitor experience
  • Support respectful co-existence between events and the local business community and residents, aiming for collaborative business and social opportunities, by ensuring a good fit between an event type and an event site.
  • Aim to strike a balance between stimulating quality events and the environmental and community impacts.
  • Consult impacted community members as far in advance as possible of an upcoming event.
  • Support event organisers to hold welcoming, accessible and safe events that enhance Victor Harbor’s brand.
  • Support events that enhance Victor Harbor’s brand, improve business climate and encourage community participation and interaction.
  • Encourage events that support off-season visitation to the city.

The Festivals & Events Sponsorship Program is to provide financial and in kind supported to eligible groups and organisations to assist in the staging of events and festivals that support the outcomes of the City of Victor Harbor Community Plan 2036 and Festivals and Events Policy.

A total funding pool of $35,000 has been allocated in the 2019/20 budget to support the delivery of festivals and events in Victor Harbor through the program.

Under the Festivals and Events Sponsorship Program two rounds of funding are being offered;

  • Round one applications closed on 30 August 2019.
  • Round two applications opened on 13 January 2020.

Events are encouraged to consider ways to improve event sustainability in the areas of: reducing the events environmental impacts, ensuring human resources (paid and volunteers) have the tools and support they need, and generating alternative revenue streams.

The Festivals and Events Sponsorship Program Guidelines and Application Form can be downloaded on the link below. Festivals and Events Sponsorship Program Guidelines and Application Form(710 kb)

For further information contact Stacey Richardson, Festivals and Events Officer, or phone 8551 0500 (available Tues/Wed/Thurs).

Heritage Grants

Local Heritage Incentives Grant Scheme

To demonstrate its commitment to conserving Victor Harbor’s built heritage, Council initiated a Local Heritage Incentives Grant Scheme in 2005 to assist owners in conserving and maintaining Local Heritage places.

The Local Heritage Incentives Grant Scheme is a monetary fund set aside by Council to provide subsidies for owners for work associated with the conservation of their Local Heritage places. The Local Heritage Incentives Grant Scheme help guide provides more information.

Local Heritage Incentives Grant Application Form.pdf

Recreation & Sport Small Grants Scheme

Now open for applications

The City of Victor Harbor Recreation and Sport Small Grants Scheme aims to assist recreation and sport groups and individuals wishing to make a positive contribution to recreation and sport development in the district.

Grants to groups will not normally be greater than $1000. Grants to individuals will not normally be greater than $400. If more than one round of funding is released in any financial year, grants to one group or individual should not exceed this limit.  In order to assist as many groups and individuals as possible, applications for lesser amounts are encouraged, however one project may be funded for an amount which exceeds the above limit.

Applicants for grants may not be eligible to receive funding in consecutive years.

If you have any further queries please telephone 08 8551 0500 during business hours.

Applications for 2019/20 Round 1 Grants have now closed.
Applications for 2019/20 Round 2 Grants will open in March 2020.

Individuals can apply throughout the financial year if there are funds still available.

Volunteer Week Small Grants

To acknowledge the efforts of volunteers that support the Victor Harbor community, the City of Victor Harbor offers small grants to encourage, and assist community groups to celebrate and recognise the contribution of their volunteers.  National Volunteer Week for 2020 is 18-24 May.

Grants can be used to fund a range of “thankyou” celebrations, such as a special morning tea, lunch, or a small gift. Celebrations will need to be held during National Volunteer Week. Two sizes of grants are available - $50 for community groups with up to 15 volunteers, and $100 for larger groups.

The 2020 grant program is due to open on 1 February until 1 March 2020.

Volunteer Week Activity Report(212 kb)

If you have further questions about the Volunteer Week Small Grants please contact Mr Mark Oliphant on (08) 8551 0540.

Hills & Coast Grant Finder

The City of Victor Harbor has teamed up with RDA Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island and surrounding councils to deliver the Hills & Coast Grant Finder.

This platform is a regional solution for individuals, community groups, businesses and organisations to find grants, manage grant applications and even receive email alerts when new grants are released.

If you need assistance to write a grant application, the site provides a list of grant writers who service our region. Our community is also a great resource for those seeks help with applying for grants.

Find out more about Hills and Coast Grant Finder.

Hills and Coast Grant Finder