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Victor Harbor Mainstreet Precinct Master Plan

The Mainstreet Precinct Master Plan has been developed to revitalise Victor Harbor’s town centre.

The plan outlines new streetscape designs for Ocean and Coral Street, as well as McKinlay Street and Stuart Street, providing a staged program of upgrades within the Precinct.

Extensive consultation was undertaken in the development of the Mainstreet Precinct Master Plan in March 2014, before Council adopted the plan in May 2014.

View the Victor Harbor Mainstreet Precinct Master Plan.

Stage 1 (Intersection of Ocean and Coral Streets)

The City of Victor Harbor secured funding for the first stage of the Mainstreet Precinct upgrade in July 2015 through the State Government’s Places for People Grant Program.

Stage 1 involved the upgrade of the heart of the Mainstreet Precinct – the intersection of Ocean and Coral Streets. The upgrade of Stage 1 involves new paving, feature lighting, garden beds, street furniture, landscaping, drainage and feature art.

Works were undertaken from May to August in 2016 by the appointed contractor Outside Ideas.

A community street party was held to celebrate the completion of Stage 1. Hundreds of community members attended the event which also launched the Council’s digital art project.

Stage 1 Mainstreet Upgrade Web Banner

About the design

The Mainstreet Precinct upgrade design draws upon Victor Harbor’s local marine environment and maritime history.

Central to the design, particularly Stage 1, has been the analogy of the whale. The Southern Right Whales are iconic to Victor Harbor, migrating to the area each year. This event has been a continuous part of Victor Harbor’s history and culture for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

The design of the Mainstreet Precinct celebrates the Southern Right Whale. The dimensions of the intersection (Stage 1) and landscaped nodes reflect the size of a mature Southern Right Whale, providing an understanding of the extreme size of the animal as a part of the design.

The landscape and drainage system reflects the baleen plates of the whales that are used for filtering food. In addition the various planting beds form a distinctive organic pattern along the street, emulating barnacle clusters that form across the head of the whale.

The unique street lights represent the whale’s ribs, while some of the seating reflects the idea of whale bones.

Mainstreet Upgrade Stage 1 Party Web Banner

Find out more about the detailed design of Stage 1.

Stage 2 set to be undertaken in 2018/19

Work is currently underway to finalise the design documentation for Stage 2 of the Victor Harbor Mainstreet Precinct Master Plan in order to commence the construction tender. Council aims to engage a contractor to deliver the works by the end of 2018, with works anticipated to start in May 2019.

Stage 2 of the upgrade links to Stage 1, extending from Ocean Street’s northern entrance to the start of the upgraded intersection. Similar to the intersection upgrade, Stage 2 will involve new paving, feature lighting, garden beds, street furniture, landscaping, public art and drainage.

Further details of the construction works will be made available on this webpage as the project progresses.



Mainstreet Precinct Master Plan(20502 kb)

Victor Harbor Mainstreet Precinct Public Art Strategy(15459 kb)

Consultation phase

Mainstreet Precinct Master Plan Summary Posters(34519 kb)

Mainstreet Precinct Master Plan - Frequently Asked Questions(2466 kb)

Mainstreet Precinct Master Plan Consultation Results May 2014(5471 kb)

Stage 1

Stage 1 Mainstreet Precinct Master Plan - Mood Board(4493 kb)

Background Information

Click here to view background information

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