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Victor Harbor High School drop-off and pick-up zone

The City of Victor Harbor with support from the Victor Harbor High School is undertaking a 12-month trial of a pick-up and drop-off zone during school hours on George Main Road.

Works to implement the zone will occur early on Wednesday, 4 December 2019.

During school hours, the pick-up and drop-off zone will support the safe road conditions for children, vehicle occupants and pedestrians.

Key facts

  • During school hours, the area is a no parking zone
  • Cars may stay in the zone for a maximum of five minutes for student drop-off and pick-up
  • Drivers are not to leave their cars unattended
  • The zone is not applicable during school holidays or out of school hours (including weekends)

Victor Harbor High School drop-off and pick-up zone, George Main Road

High School zone

Victor Harbor High School drop-off and pick-up zone was a Key Planned Activity in the 2018/19 Annual Business Plan:

Investigate making the car park on George Main Road in front of Victor Harbor High School a time limited park to support the safe drop off and pick up of school students.