Fines, Expiations and Expiation disputes

Fines, Expiations and Expiation disputes

Expiation notices may be issued for offences under many pieces of legislation administered by local government and offences created by council by-laws.

Notices may be served in person or sent in the mail.  For vehicle related offences the notice may also be placed on the vehicle.

Fines can be paid online or at any of our council offices.

Pay Expiation Notice

Enter into a payment arrangement

Payment instalments can be arranged with the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit. Please phone 1800 659 538 or visit

What happens if I do nothing?

      1 Expiation notice issued

      You have 28 days to pay the total amount due to avoid further fees.

      2 Reminder notice issued

      A reminder notice fee and motor vehicle search fee (if applicable) will be added, approximately $75. A further 14 days is provided to pay the total amount due.

      3 Enforcement notice

      If you don't pay, enforcement action will be taken. Your fine will be referred to the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit.

      An enforcement fee and Victims of Crime Levy will be added, approximately $266.

      4 Enforcement action starts

      Suspension of your driver's licence. Inability to register a vehicle or renew your licence.

      5 Further enforcement action

      Money taken from bank account or wage.

      Placing a charge on land (real estate).

      Additional fee, approximately $193.

      6 Escalation action

      Your matter referred to a debt collector. Clamping and impounding your vehicle.
      Seizing and selling your assets.
      Publishing your name online.

      More fees added.

      *please note these fees are subject to change.

How to proceed with your dispute

Don’t delay payment just because you can’t decide what to do. Failure to pay or take any other action within 28 days will result in late fees being added to the original expiation fee. If you believe there is a good reason for you not to pay the expiation, you can:

  • Submit a dispute by completing the Parking Expiation Dispute Lodgement form at the link below.
  • If you were not the driver at the time  of the alleged offence, you can complete and forward a Statutory Declaration with the full name and address of the person who was driving.
  • Write or email the City of Victor Harbor, PO BOX 11, Victor Harbor 5211, or explaining your objection. Please include your contact details, the Infringement  Notice Number and the vehicle registration.
  • Have your case heard by a court. You can choose to have your matter dealt with in the Magistrate’s Court by notifying the the City of Victor Harbor PO BOX 11, Victor Harbor 5211, or

Expiation Dispute Forms - Download and Print

Expiation Schedule of Fees

2019-20 Fees and Charges(708 kb)