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Walking Trails and Bike Paths

Bicycle Tracks/Paths

Encounter Bikeway


The 30km Encounter Bikeway is on on-road and shared trail that follows the coast line linking the coastal city of Victor Harbor with the river port town of Goolwa, passing through Port Elliot and Middleton. A range of riding distances is available, making it suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. The bikeway can by used by cyclist, walkers, skaters, rollerbladers and is wheelchair accessible.

Sharing the Bikeway

Cyclists and hand cyclist: Please give way to other path users and use your bell when approaching others from behind.

Two abreast & keeping to the left: While it is legal to ride two abreast, please respect users and allow plenty of room for others to pass. Wherever possible keep to the left hand side of the pathway or road.

Helmets: All cyclists, including hand cyclists, are required to wear a helmet that meets the approval of Standards Australia. Please ensure that it is secured properly prior to setting off on your ride.

Pedestrians: Please keep to the left and be aware of safety in respect to other users of the pathway.

Water: Please ensure you carry adequate supplies of drinking water.

Protecting the Environment:
Respect the fragile dune systems by staying on designated pathways and boardwalks at all times.
DO NOT disturb plants and animals.
DO NOT leave any rubbish behind. Either place it in the bins provided or take it home with you.

Copies of the Encounter Bikeway Brochure & map are available from the Victor Harbor Visitor Information Centre
or from the Encounter Victor Harbor website.

Walking Trails

Victor Harbor has many beautiful walking trails throughout the council area.
The trails vary in length, degree in difficulty, and the type of landscape you will get close too, so it is important to determine which walking trail suits you best. Below are a few of the options.

The Heysen Trail

Heysen trail logo

Heysen Trail

The Heysen Trail comes near Victor Harbor after nearly 1500km of travelling from the Flinders Ranges.

The trail sections between Waitpinga and Victor Harbor are especially scenic, much loved by walkers and photographers, with terrain varying from steep rugged cliff faces to sandy surf beaches. Medium fitness is required and you need to take adequate supplies of water and wear appropriate clothing.

For more detailed information please refer to the Heysen Trail booklet which is available for purchase from the Victor Harbor Visitor Information Centre or visit the Heysen trial website:

Heritage Trail

Heritage trail logo Heritage trail Heritage trail path

Length:  5km
Type:  Linear          
Terrain: Easy to Medium

The Heritage Trail promotes awareness and understanding of the cultural, environmental and historical significance of the section of Victor Harbor's spectacular coastline from Kent Reserve to Kings Beach Road, where it joins up with the Heysen Trail.

The Heritage Trail Goals:
Promotes public awareness of the region's rich natural environment and cultural heritage to visitors and locals.
Facilitates a greater understanding of the Ramindjeri/Ngarrindjeri cultural heritage.
Promotes a greater understanding of our European History in this area.
Promotes a greater understanding of our Natural Heritage in this area.
Extends the iconic Heysen Trail to connect with the township of Victor Harbor.
Enhances the region's trail network by providing a linkage between the Heysen Trail, the Encounter Bikeway and the Inman River Walking Trail.
Provides a unique, activity experience and quality infrastructure that encourages economic growth through tourism and an active and healthy community

To download a map click here: Location Map showing the Heritage Trail

The Bluff Summit Walk


Length: 850m Approximately
Type: Loop
Terrain: Medium to Steep

The Bluff also known as Rosetta Head is one of Victor Harbor's scenic sights. The Bluff is part of the Dreamtime stories of the Ngarrindjeri People. The Bluff represents the shape of the traditional fighting club, having been created when Ngurunderi threw his club to the ground. The Bluff was used for many things in the 1800's. The Whaling industry had a house on the side of The Bluff. A small mining venture was started in 1863 looking for indications of Cooper, Gold, Silver, Lead and Oxide of tin. In  1866 it was abandoned. The mine site is still visible today; though the shaft has been filled in.

Further Information.

Hindmarsh River Estuary

Hindmarsh Estuary

The Hindmarsh River Estuary is of great ecological significance, as well as a place of great natural beauty. Enjoy the views and wildlife on five different estuary walks lasting from 20 minutes to three hours on mostly level terrain. On the North East Side of the river is a permanent lagoon, which has occurred due to mother natures way of changing the river off course now it has been separated from the beach by sand dunes. The lagoon is about 120 metres long and up to 35 metres wide. The water is a mixture of salty seawater and Fresh River water. All trails commence from the bridge at Hindmarsh River mouth.

Maps are available from the Visitor Information Centre
or to download click here: The Hindmarsh River Walking Trails

Further Information

The Hindmarsh River Walk

Length - 7 km Approximately
Type - Loop
Terrain - Easy

The Hindmarsh River Walk can be started at the Carpark at the end of Bridge Terrace or at the Carpark on Wattle Drive (see map). If starting at the end of Bridge Terrace. Walk across the railway line and over the foot bridge turn left and go under the bridge keep walking straight follow the path around until you get to Wattle Drive then go left and follow that until you get to the other Car park mark on the Map. Then keep walking straight.

Further Information

The Inman River Walk

Length - 8km Return Approximately
Type - Linear with a Loop
Terrain - Easy

The Inman River Walk is an easy stroll following the banks of the Inman River. It starts at Barker Reserve (Corner of Bay and George Main Rd). The walk follows the river, known to the Aboriginal people as "Moo-oola" and "Moogoora". Start the walk by going under the bridge and following the Sports Oval around. Go under the next bridge and walk through the reserve known as Bruce Reserve). Step over the fence rails and follow the river along through two gates and around.

Detailed Map of Inman River Walking Trail InmanRiverWalkingTrail2007 InmanRiverWalkingTrail2007

Further Information

The Hindmarsh Falls Walk

Hindmarsh Falls is best viewed in winter and spring after heavy rainfall. Located 18km from Victor Harbor, it's also popular with birdwatchers. The turnoff is located 18km from Victor Harbor on the Myponga Road and the falls are reached after a gentle 500m walk. Picnic area is available.

Further Information

Dogs and Walking Trails

All dogs should be on a lead in a public place and the person in control of the dog should pick up after them.

Help look after our local environment by always putting your dog's poo in a bin. Dog faeces left in a public place such as a park or footpath can pollute our stormwater drains which discharge into our local beaches.

Dog owners who don't immediately dispose of their dog's poo may receive an on-the-spot expiation notice of $55.00.

So next time you're walking your dog, make sure you take plastic (biodegradable) bags with you and clean up after your dog.

Council has dog litter bag dispensers along the foreshore area and at some parks within the township area.

To find out more refer to the 'Don't affect other species with your dog faeces' information sheet or print the Doggy Bag Dispenser Location Map.