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Demographic resources that tell the story of your community.

The City of Victor Harbor subscribes to Remplan which is a series of online analytical tools and information resources for economic development, planning and tourism practitioners in local, state and federal agencies, consulting firms, university researchers and students. They specialise in area-specific data.

REMPLAN Community provides compelling insights into the demography of your regions and builds an understanding of the unique characteristics of the people in your communities. These insights provide a powerful evidence base to guide the provision of services and infrastructure, to attract investment and to plan for the future.

REMPLAN Economy provides compelling insights into the economic structure your regions and the contributions of your local industries to employment, output, wages and salaries, regional imports and exports and value-added. Local estimates of Gross Regional Product (GRP) are consistent with Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) estimates of Gross Domestic product (GDP), delivering a detailed understanding of regions’ contributions to state and national economies. In addition to profiling your region, REMPLAN defines the supply chain linkages between local industries and delivers a powerful economic impact modelling capability to support planning, investment attraction and funding submissions. The impact modelling extends to tourism analysis of events and festivals. Other resources include workforce insights into the age, education, occupations and income of local workers, as well as profiles of where local workers reside.

If you are interested in any specific data mentioned above contact Council's City Activiation team on 08 8551 0558 or email


SA Government Projections - Local Government Area Projections 2006-2026
Prepared by Department of Planning and Local Government.

Social Health Atlas - A Social Health Atlas of Australia 2014,  LGA Data, SA.
Prepared by the Public Health Information Development Unit

ABS Census - Census Data by Location.

The City of Victor Harbor

Victor Harbor Economic Profile

Victor Harbor Economic Profile - SUMMARY REPORT

Victor Harbor Economic Profile - FULL REPORT