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Footpaths and Nature Strips - Applications for use...

Driveway Construction

Crossover and Crossing Places

All suburban driveways need Council approval as they open onto Council land e.g. the roadway.  They also need to cross over Council land e.g. naturestrip or footpath.  The proposed location needs to be assessed agains Australian Standard AS2890.1:2004. 

There is no cost associated with lodging this application.

There are two options for driveway construction:

  • Crossover; is the section of kerb or roadside providing vehicle access to the property boundary.   

Where there is a stand-up kerb that needs to be cut and replaced with mountable concrete, Council will  provide one 4.5 metre driveway free of charge per suburban property.  If a property requires the stand-up kerb to be cut in excess of the 4.5 metres, Council will charge per additional linear metre.  Any additional driveway apart from the first one will be charged per linear metre.

Roll-over kerb (angled kerb that doesn't need to be cut), requires Crossover approval to ensure Australian Standards are met.

  • Crossing Place - Rural and Suburban; is the section of Council land from the back of the kerb or roadside to the property boundary.

Crossing place applications which include proposed works where there is an alteration to the existing Council land (such as a concrete/paved/gravel driveway) need to provide details of the works and materials.

Please note; Council do not supply the stormwater pipe and materials to construct a rural crossing place free of charge, a quote can be provided.

Please click on the following link to access the application form - Crossover & Crossing Place Applicatin Form Jan 17(294 kb)

Kerb Cut for Stormwater

Council approval is required to have the section of kerb cut for stormwater downpipe access to the street water table.  There is no cost to the applicant for approval or cutting of the kerb. 

Please click on the following link to access the application form -  Application to have kerb cut Application%20to%20have%20kerb%20cut (98 kb)


Landscaping on the Nature Strip/Footpath/Verge

Property owners may be permitted to extend their front gardens into the Council nature strip (subject to approval). If you wish to landscape your nature strip please read the below document and submit the application form for assessment. No works are to occur until approval has been formally issued.

Guidelines for landscaping on Council Nature Strips (includes application form)

For design and ideas, and a planting guide to help you improve your nature strip and make the City of Victor Harbor more beautiful please refer to the greening guide document below.

A Greening Guide for your Nature Strip


Donation of Memorial Park and Street Furniture

If you would like to apply to donate City of Victor Harbor Park or Street Furniture, please complete the;

        Application for Park and Street Furniture Donation and Memorial Plaques

For further information on the application process please refer to the;

        Park and Street Furniture Donation and Memorial Plaques Policy.

Contact Details

For more information or to return completed application forms, please use one of the following options;

Postal: City of Victor Harbor, PO Box 11, Victor Harbor  SA  5211

E-mail:  localgov@victor.sa.gov.au

Customer Service;

Phone : 08 8551 0500

Fax : 08 8551 0501

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