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Encounter Lakes Management

Encounter Lakes and Franklin Island Management Plan

For a copy of the Encounter Lakes Management Plan please follow the link below; 

Encounter Lakes & Franklin Island Management Plan

Encounter Lakes Residents Group

Encounter Lakes and Franklin Island

Encounter Lakes Residents Group Inc (ELRGI) is a body of property owners and/or residents within the Encounter Lakes and Franklin Island developments with an elected committee to represent the community.

Members of the committee serve because they enjoy the lakes community and lifestyle; and aim to ensure that the beauty and attractiveness of the lakes environment is retained.

There is a co-operative relationship with the City of Victor Harbor and ELRGI and is an active participant in the regular monitoring of water quality, maintenance of the beaches and recreational parks and other relevant issues such as the development and maintenance of footpaths and stormwater disposal.

The cornerstone of this relationship is the Encounter Lakes and Franklin Island Management Plan; revised and approved by Council in January 2016. It is a vital document which sets out how the above-mentioned activities are to be managed. Any new developments and use of the lakes for new activities are subject to discussion to ensure residents’ interests are protected.

ELRGI has a beach boys group which is dedicated to caring for beaches in the area. There is also a gardening group of volunteers that helps maintain the lakes reserves in conjunction with Council. Both of these groups welcome support from residents who might be able to spare several hours a month and enjoy fresh air and pleasant company.

The committee appreciates hearing from residents of Encounter Lakes and Franklin Island with matters of concern or ideas to assist in preserving the unique lakes environment.

For further information please visit www.elrgi.org.au


Weed Control Activities - Encounter Lakes and Franklin Island Rock Revetments

The City of Victor Harbor will periodically be undertaking required weed control activities around Encounter Lakes and Franklin Island to ensure the integrity of the revetment isn't compromised due to invasive vegetation or harboured vermin.

The works will be between the waters edge and the top of the rock revetment, including limited use of 'Roundup' (glyphosate biactive) via spot-spraying.

Waterfront residents who may have questions about the works can contact the Environment and Infrastructure Department on 8551 0500 for further information.

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