Digital Parking Ticket System Trial – The Esplanade Car Park

20th December 2022
Paying for parking in The Esplanade Car Park is now a whole lot simpler thanks to the introduction of 'EasyPark'.

The City of Victor Harbor is trialling a new digital ticket purchasing system in The Esplanade Car Park that aims to simplify the process of purchasing parking tickets.

‘EasyPark’ is a quick and easy-to-use app, allowing car park users to pay for parking tickets using their own mobile phone.

New signage has been installed at The Esplanade Car Park to inform visitors about the new system and assist customers who are using EasyPark for the first time.

Benefits of EasyPark include:

  • Time savings – avoid interaction with ticket machines and parking meters
  • Parking expiry reminders – reduce your chances of getting an infringement notice by setting in-app reminders before your parking end time
  • Remote parking time extension – use the app anytime, anywhere to increase your parking time
  • Location technology – the EasyPark app automatically identifies your location and provides relevant parking options based on your destination
  • Convenience – enjoy an easy-to-use interface through the EasyPark app.

Watch a video on how to use EasyPark

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Council using a digital parking ticket system?

The City of Victor Harbor is always searching for ways to enhance customer experiences and enable efficiencies.

EasyPark is a modern technology that seeks to make parking payment quick and easy. It is also anticipated that EasyPark will reduce demand on Council resources, while expanding data collection capabilities.

Why did Council choose EasyPark?

EasyPark is an award-winning digital ticket purchasing system. It is used in more than 2,200 cities across the world.

How can you register to pay with EasyPark?

Registering with EasyPark is simple. To get started, download the ‘EasyPark’ app onto your smartphone or visit and follow the prompts.

Can I still choose to pay by cash?

While the trial is underway, motorists can still pay by cash or card using the existing machines located at the Esplanade Car Park.

Have car parking rates changed?

Car parking rates at The Esplanade Car Park will remain the same.

When will the trial at The Esplanade Car Park conclude, and what happens next?

The EasyPark trial will conclude on 30 June 2023. At this time, the City of Victor Harbor will review the trial and assess whether the system should be rolled out across more locations in the Council area.

Where can I get more information?

For more information about EasyPark, visit

To learn more about the trial, contact the City of Victor Harbor at or (08) 8551 0500.