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Weed Control Activities - Encounter Lakes and Franklin Island Rock Revetments

The City of Victor Harbor will be undertaking required weed control activities around Encounter Lakes and Franklin Island throughout October and November 2021. These weed control activities will ensure the integrity of the revetment isn’t compromised due to invasive vegetation or harboured vermin.

The spot-spraying works will be carried out between the water’s edge and the top of the rock revetment using ‘Roundup Bioactive’ (also known as glyphosate bioactive), which is safe to use near aquatic areas. Staff may also prune the backs of plants that are encroaching onto the revetment from properties. These weed control works will also include the beach areas.

Residents are reminded to prevent plants in their garden from encroaching onto the revetment. Residents are also asked to be aware of plant species that spread easily, including Alyssium, Seaside Daisy and Gazanea (now a declared Pest Plant), as these plants have the potential to infest the rock revetment.

Waterfront residents who may have questions about the works can contact the Environment and Infrastructure Department on 8551 0500 for further information.