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Local Heritage Places

The City of Victor Harbor has a unique character, which is highly valued by many residents and visitors to the area. The area has been a popular seaside holiday destination for around 130 years. The many surviving historic buildings in the region make a substantial contribution to its character and to the appeal of the area for tourists and holidaymakers who contribute to the region’s economy.

The Council is committed to conserving the built heritage in Victor Harbor. A total of approximately 89 places have been included as Local Heritage Places in Council’s Development Plan.  

See the Local Heritage Places help guide for more information.

Check out the Heritage Places Brochure or Discovery Trail Brochure to discover places of historical signifiance in Victor Harbor.


Heritage Advisory Service

The City of Victor Harbor has a Heritage Advisory Service to assist in the management of heritage assets.  The Heritage Adviser can provide valuable advice and assistance in matters relating to heritage places.  For more information regarding Council’s Heritage Advisory Service, click here.



Local Heritage Incentives Grant Scheme

To demonstrate its commitment to conserving Victor Harbor’s built heritage, Council initiated a Local Heritage Incentives Grant Scheme in 2005 to assist owners in conserving and maintaining Local Heritage places.

The Local Heritage Incentives Grant Scheme is a monetary fund set aside by Council to provide subsidies for owners for work associated with the conservation of their Local Heritage places. Please see the below help guide for more information and the application form to apply.

Local Heritage Incentives Grant Scheme help guide 

Application Form - Local Heritage Incentives Grant Scheme(33 kb)


Heritage Project Grant

In addition to the above, Council has since introduced a ‘Heritage Project Grant’ to supplement the incentives scheme.

The Heritage Project Grant is a competitive annual Grant offered by Council to one successful applicant for a Local Heritage Place to support the implementation of a significant Local Heritage project. 

Whilst the Local Heritage Incentives Grant Scheme is aimed at assisting with maintaining historic assets, the Heritage Project Grant is intended to support more substantial projects, preferably where they will have immediate visual impact on the public realm.

Applications for this grant are currently closed.



Heritage Exemption to DA Fees

In relation to fees payable for Development Applications concerning heritage listed buildings and/or places, Council provides the following exemptions (only) :

Lodgement Fees
  • Additional Lodgement Fee (over $5,000)
  • Staged Consent Fee

Note:  Only the minimal lodgement fee is required to be paid.

Development Plan Assessment Fees
  • Development Plan Assessment Fee up to a maximum of $300
  • State Heritage Branch Referral Fee

Note:    All other associated planning fees must be paid.

Building Rules Assessment Fees
  • Building Rules Assessment Fee up to a maximum of $100

Note:    All other associated building fees must be paid.

Heritage Advisory Committee

 Click here to see agendas and minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee.


Survey of Heritage Places 
(Donovan & Associates - 1997)


Victor Harbor Heritage Survey Volume 1
Survey Overview

Victor Harbor Heritage Survey Volume 2
Built Heritage


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