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Elected Member Gifts and Benefits Register

2018/19 Elected Member Gifts and Benefits Register(157 kb)

2017/18 Elected Member Gift and Benefits Register(251 kb)

2016/17 Elected Member Gifts and Benefits Register(35 kb)

Council Employee Gifts and Benefits Register

2019/20 Council Employee Gifts and Benefits Register(278 kb)

2018/19 Council Employee Gifts and Benefits Register(280 kb)

2017/18 Council Employee Gifts and Benefits Register(358 kb)

2016/17 Council Employee Gifts & Benefits Register(36 kb)

Council Member Register of Interests

Council Member Register of Interests(384 kb)

Confidential Items Register

Confidential Items Register(71 kb)

Community Land Register and Management Plans

Introducing Community Land Management Plans

Community Land Register - Part 1

Council is required to keep a register of all community land in its area, pursuant to Section 207 of the Local Government Act 1999. The register contains a listing of community land, which is land owned or in the care of Council, including land under lease. The register also contains local government land that has been excluded from classification (requiring a management plan).

Community Land Register

Community Land Management Plans - Part 2

Council has adapted Management Plans for community land, which is part of the above Register, that has been modified or adapted for the benefit of the Community and for land subject to lease or license.

Community Land Management Plans (1 of 2)

Community Land Management Plans (2 of 2)

Delegations Register

What is a delegation?

Councils have certain duties which they must perform, and certain powers which they may exercise, pursuant to the Local Government Act 1999, as well as a range of other Acts.  In most cases the relevant Acts grant those obligations and powers directly to the Council.

Section 44 of the Local Government Act 1999, allows Councils to delegate powers, functions and duties to Committees, subsidiaries of Council, employees, specific positons and authorised officers.

What are the benefits of delegations?

Delegations are the way in which Council enables other people/bodies (usually Council officers) to make decisions and carry out duties on its behalf.  Delegations enhance decision-making processes and allow nominated routine matters to be resolved efficiently and effectively without the need for submission to Council.

Delegations provide streamlined decision-making processes for faster determination of issues.

How does Council delegate?

Council must take formal steps to delegate to such people or bodies, the authority to make decisions, or undertake activites on its behalf.  It is usual for Council to make delegations to the Chief Executive Officer, who will then make sub-delegations to the appropriate Council Officers.

Delegations Register

The City of Victor Harbor Delegations are contained in the 'Delegations Register'

For further information

Further information on Legislative Delegations is available by contacting Council's Governance Officer on 8551 0500.