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The following Policies are adopted by Council and are a statement of principles, developed within the framework of the Council's role, objectives and long term goals - as identified in its Community and Strategic Plans.

2018/19 Building - Facility Maintenance application form

Agribusiness and Rural Affairs Policy

Assessment Book Record Procedure

Asset Accounting Policy

Asset Management Policy

Budget Framework Policy

Building and Swimming Pool Inspection Policy

Car Parking Fund Policy

Caretaker Policy

Civic Centre Venue Hire Policy

Code of Conduct for Council Members

Code of Conduct for Employees

Code of Conduct for Employees Guidelines

Code of Practice for Access to Meetings and Documents

Code of Practice for Meeting Procedures

Community and Sporting Leases, Licences and Financial Assistance Policy

Community Grants Policy

Complaint Handling Procedure

Complaint Handling Procedure under the Code of Conduct for Council Members

Complaints Handling Policy

Council Member Allowance and Benefits Policy

Council Member Access to Information

Crossover and Crossing Place Policy

Debt Recovery Policy

Disposal of Land and Other Assets

Donation Application Form

Donations Policy

Donations Policy Attachment

Elected Members Records Management Policy

Enforcement Policy

Festivals and Events Policy

Flag Management Policy


Fraud, Corruption, Misconduct and Maladministration Prevention Policy

Freedom of Information Statement

Graffiti Management Policy

Guidelines and General Approval for the Placement or Affixation of Election Signs

Informal Gatherings Policy

Internal Control Policy

Internal Review of a Council Decision Procedure

Kerbside Waste Collection Policy

Light Fleet, Plant and Heavy Vehicle Change Over/Replacement Policy

Live Streaming and Recording of Council Meetings Policy

Media Policy

Mobile Food Vendors Permit Policy

Order Making Policy

Outdoor Dining and Street Traders Permit Policy

Park and Street Furniture Donation and Memorial Plaque Policy

Policy and Procedure Framework - Policy

Privacy Policy

Procurement Policy

Prudential Management Policy

Public Art Policy

Public Consultation Policy

Public Interest Disclosure Policy

Public Interest Disclosure Procedure

Records Management Policy

Request for Service Policy

Risk Management Policy

Road and Place Naming Policy

Rural Property Addressing Road Signage Management Policy

Safe Environment Policy

Signage Guidelines

Signage Management Policy

Social Media Policy

Street Permit Operating Guidelines

Street Permit Policy

Street Traders Guidelines

Supplementary Elections Policy

Sustainability Policy

Training and Development Policy and Plan for Council Members

Treasury Management Policy

Tree Management Policy

Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Management Procedure

Unsolicited Proposal Policy

Unsolicited Proposal Guidelines

Volunteer Policy

WHS Contractor Management Policy