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Waste and Recycling

Waste collection is managed by Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority (FRWA).  FRWA was formed by Alexandrina Council, City of Victor Harbor, Kangaroo Island Council and Yankalilla District Council, to provide sustainable and cost effective waste management and recycling services for its communities.

FRWA have a fleet of environmentally friendly, high performance waste collection vehicles and commenced with the provision of all kerbside collection services for the mainland Councils from 1 July 2011.

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Fortnightly Kerbside Waste Collection

A fortnightly kerbside waste collection schedule will be introduced in the City of Victor Harbor from 1 July 2019.

Working towards a better future

Local landfills are full and the State Waste Levy is significant, plus the cost to transport waste outside of the Fleurieu region is continually growing. However, it was the environmental factors that motivated the Council's decision to introduce fortnightly kerbside waste collection. We have a responsibility to work towards a better future for the next generations, and introducing measures to reduce waste to landfill will help us do this.

The City of Victor Harbor has been keenly watching the impact fortnightly waste collection has been having in neighbouring councils of Alexandrina and Yankalilla. Following one year of fortnightly kerbside collection, the Alexandrina Council area achieved a 20% reduction in waste to landfill, and green waste and recyclables increased by 63% and 31% repsectively.

Supporting our community transition to the new system

There will be a number of initiatives introduced to support the community transition to the new system.

  • Exceptional circumstances provisions for households where; large families (households with five (5) or more people normally in residence); children in nappies or those who produce waste as a result of a medical condition reside permanently. Residents in these households may make application for an additional 140 litre general waste bin and collection service, which will be provided free of charge. To apply for an additional bin, download the Exceptional Circumstances Application Form and return it in person to the City of Victor Harbor Civic Centre (1 Bay Road, Victor Harbor) during business hours.
  • Subsidised composting equipment including compost bins, worm farms and kitchen caddies with compostable bags at subsidised prices to help make good use of food scraps and green waste;
  • Subsidised bins to support residents in using a full set of bins applicable to the kerbside collection at their property;
  • Additional bin and additional waste collections services are available for purchase from FRWA for up to a limit of 2 per waste stream to assist households and businesses, including holiday rentals, that may produce a greater amount of waste during time of high visitation (bins purchase and collection fees apply);
  • Weekly collection of general waste during the high visitation period of the December/January summer holidays.

A community education and awareness program will commence soon with the support of the Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority (FRWA).  It will include composting workshops with ABC Gardening Australia’s Sophie Thomson, information sessions hosted by FRWA’s education officer, production of a new recycling and disposal guide for households and small business that will be sent to households with 2019/20 waste collection calendars.

Frequently Asked Questions

A frequently asked questions fact sheet has been developed to help answer common questions about the transition to fortnightly kerbside waste collection. Download it at the link below or collect a hard copy from the Council Office at 1 Bay Road, Victor Harbor.

Which bin goes out?

Under the new fortnightly kerbside collection schedule, residents will put at least one bin out every week. For example, one week the general waste and green organics bin will go out, and the following week the recycling bin is collected.

The best way to check which bin goes out when is in the kerbside collection calendar or by using the great search tool the Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority has developed which can be accessed from Council’s website.


Flyer - Fortnightly Kerbside Waste Collection(7808 kb)

Frequently Asked Questions - Fortnightly Kerbside Waste Collection(747 kb)

Application Form: Exceptional Circumstances (Fortnightly Kerbside Waste Collection)(326 kb)

Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority Contact Details

For more information on Waste Management phone FRWA on:

  • 08 8555 7405  for missed bins and general enquiries
  • 08 8555 7260 for the Waste and Recycling Depot

You could also visit their website at;

Victor Harbor Landfill Site

The City of Victor Harbor decommissioned its landfill site in 2011. In line with the requirements of the South Australian Environment Protection Authority, annual monitoring of the groundwater, surface water and leachate is undertaken.

View the latest landfill monitoring report