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For information on the future of the footpath network throughout the City of Victor Harbor, please refer to the:

Major projects webpage or the Footpath and Pedestrian Strategy.

Development of/on Footpath

That property owners be permitted to extend their front gardens into Council footway reserves subject to :

  • A 1.5 metre width of land adjacent to the kerb in front of that property be kept free of all obstructions including trees, shrubs and ground cover.
  • The one metre strip is to have a suitable surface which is firm and evenly graded. ( Loose surface such as woodchips or loose gravel are not acceptable)
  • In sloping terrain areas where driveways are constructed between the roadway invert and the property boundary, the first one metre section adjoining the road (invert) is to be graded at no more than 1 in 20 from the invert.

For applications to carry out works on the council Nature strip/Footpath or Verge, print the follow form:

Authorisation to Carry Out Works on Road (includes footpaths, naturestrips, and road reserves)

What is allowed on your footpath/Naturestrip? 

Paving Block Specifications;

  • Pavers should be used in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic such as commercial and shopping areas and tourist routes.
  • Pavers should be used in areas of known reactive soil.
  • Pavers should be used in areas where the footpath is susceptible to uplift action from tree roots.
  • Pavers should be used in areas where both pedestrian and service vehicle traffic is expected e.g., footpath used as access way for maintenance vehicles in public parks and reserves.
  • Pavers should be used where future underground services may be required.
  • All private requests for utilising pavers should be a Council decision.
  • Where paving material is provided by an adjoining owner, then all other costs will be borne by the Council.
  • When footpath construction or reconstruction works are carried out beyond the normal works budget, Council will contribute to such paving by way of a refund of the labour cost of such works or carry out the work by use of its own workforce. In both instances, this will only occur when the applicant or adjoining landowner supplies the pavers of type consistent with Policy No. S5 and where any laying of such pavers conforms to established standards.
  • Paving will be regularly monitored for lifting and subsidence of pavers. Action to
    reinstate pavers to an even surface will be initiated as soon as practicable having regard to resource availability.

Sale of Goods

  • The goods for sale being placed in front of the licensees shop premises only.
  • The goods being placed at no further distance from the facade of the building than 600 mm.
  • That no sales transactions be concluded on the footway contrary to the provisions of Section 222 of the Local Government Act 1999 and Council's Outdoor Eating Areas policy and procedures.
  • The applicant providing to the Council, documentary evidence of a public liability insurance policy of at least $10,000,000 indemnifying the Council against any claim.
  • The payment of a licence fee of as determined by Council on an annual basis.


  • Council will undertake to cut the grass on footpaths and public areas in the township annually at the end of the growing season.
  • Slashing of footpaths does not include that work in the rural areas.


Council is continuing to patrol certain roads for drivers parking on Footpaths/ Naturestrip areas due to complaints received. Please be reminded that under the Australian Road Rules 1999 Rule 197 ' A driver must not stop on a bicycle path, footpath, shared path, or dividing strip, or nature strip'

During the Easter and Christmas period of the year Council would like to remind visitors that longer term parking in the CBD is available in the following areas:

  • Flinders Parade except in front of the Anchorage and the G.T Fisher Toilet block.
  • The Esplanade from Albert Place down to Inman Street.
  • Railway Terrace except for the parking bays along the front of the Hotel Crown and along Warland reserve.
  • The large Council carpark off McKinlay Street.
  • Victoria Street from Torrens Street heading West towards Bay Road.
  • North side of Crozier Road from Torrens Street