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Festivals and Events

The City of Victor Harbor recognises that festivals and events have the potential to contribute significantly to the Council area by providing social benefits to the community, stimulating its economy, enhancing visitor’s experiences and enhancing Victor Harbor’s place brand.

Council is committed to hosting activities that encourage a vibrant community culture and community interaction, in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Council's Role

Council plays a number of roles in relation to events and recognises that a whole of Council approach, with user friendly processes is required to ensure Victor Harbor is a preferred and high quality events destination.

Council provides support and development opportunities to event organisers to enable them to deliver safe and successful events with beneficial community and economic outcomes.

Council’s role in events include:

  • Coordination of event assessment and approval process to ensure the safe delivery of events.
  • Implementation of a Festivals and Events Sponsorship Program.
  • Maintaining a master calendar of events, to provide advice on suitable event dates and where possible avoid date clashes.
  • Provide advice and information to community and event organisers on venues, good event management, funding opportunities and Council and other legislative requirements.
  • Provide support to build the capacity and capabilities of event organisers.
  • Attract events that generate substantial economic outcomes.
  • Support other areas of Council to deliver successful events.
  • Produce key community events where there is an alignment with Council objectives.
  • Facilitate organisations to work together to maximise the benefits of events.
  • Provision of event advice into the upgrade or development of event related facilities.

Due to the often complex and in-depth nature of festivals and events, multiple Council staff may be engaged with during the assessment and approval process.

Further Information

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