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Resilient Hills and Coasts

Resilient Hills & Coasts is a coalition of local and state governments working together to strengthen the resilience of our communities, economies and environments in a changing climate.

Climate Change Adaptation Plan

The Climate Change Adaption Plan for the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula and Kangaroo Island was launched in December 2016. Thank you to everyone who contributed time and expertise to develop this plan.  It is an important step in our region’s response to climate change. For more information, check out:

Implementation Stage

The project partners have now commenced an implementation stage. We all know that climate change is a complex and critical challenge that requires individual and collective innovation and ingenuity. Successfully implementing the Plan will require regional and local action. Project partners will focus on the identified regional priorities, but also on embedding and tailoring adaptation actions at a local level.

Regional Sector Agreement

In June 2017, Resilient Hills & Coasts partners signed a Regional Sector Agreement. Sector agreements are formal cooperative agreements between the SA Government and specific business entities, industries, community groups and regions to help tackle climate change. The creation of voluntary sector agreements is encouraged under Section 16 of South Australia's climate change legislation.

You can view the Regional Sector Agreement here.

Current Projects

  • developing Local Action Plans for each of the six partner Councils
  • exploring the possible design and delivery of a regional community energy program
  • encourage the building and retrofitting of homes to be climate-ready through the Where We Build, What We Build project.

More about the Resilient Hills & Coasts project

Resilient Hills and Coasts is a collaborative project formed to develop a regional climate change Adaptation Plan for the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula and Kangaroo Island region of South Australia.

We draw on expertise and input from across community, business, government, industry and academia to identify and understand the impacts, risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities associated with climate change. We also work together to propose and implement a raft of adaptation actions to strengthen and grow the resilience of our communities, economies and the natural environment in responding to the changing climate.

If you would like more information about the project, please get in touch with:

  • Graeme Martin, Executive Officer Southern and Hills LGA at
  • Council's City Activation team on (08) 8551 0570 or

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