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Landings, Jetties and Pontoons

Development Approval for these structures is required in accordance with the Development Act 1993. Information required to be submitted with a development application can be found here.

Council's Development Plan provides that not more than one landing, jetty or pontoon should be constructed in the lake for each residential property. These structures should maintain the safe use and enjoyment of the lake for recreational purposes, and project no more than five metres into the lake.

Private Structures help guide

Private structures on Encounter Lakes also require a Licence in accordance with the Local Government Act, 1993. Further information can be found in the Encounter Lakes Management Plan, in particular:

Appendix 6 - Private Structures - Landings, Jetties and Pontoons

Steps into Encounter Lakes are exempt from development approval when constructed in accordance with the Encounter Lakes Management Plan but still require a Licence. Further information can be obtained from

Appendix 5 - Private Structures - Steps into the Lake

When considering these types of structures for properties within Franklin Island approval needs to be granted by the encumbrancer.