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Garages and Sheds

An outbuilding is a structure built ancillary to, but detached from, an existing habitable building i.e. garage, sheds, freestanding carports.

  • A domestic garage or shed is an ancillary use to a dwelling on the same allotment and should be used only for domestic use such as: storage of vehicles or household items by persons resident on the site
  • A domestic garage or shed shall not be erected on a vacant allotment
  • The siting of a garage or shed should not cause undue inconvenience to neighbours nearby or affect residents by way of:
    • creation of glare from roof or walls
    • creation of a prominent structure that is out of scale with residential development in the locality
    • cause undue loss of sunlight
    • cause undue loss of views.
  • Desirably, total site coverage of a dwelling and outbuildings should not exceed 60% of the total area of the site.
  • A garage should be coloured to blend with existing dwellings and in keeping with the area's character.
  • Should be setback 8m from a road boundary or no closer than the associated dwelling.
  • Garages may be considered to be sited on a property boundary, subject to conditions.

A shed or garage requires development approval when:

  • it has a floor area greater than 15 square metres;
  • it has a roof span greater than 3 metres;
  • it's height (at the apex) is greater than 2.5 metres above the natural surface of the ground;
  • it is located closer to the street boundary than the existing dwelling on the property.

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