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Carports and Verandahs

Any carport or verandah that is attached to a dwelling requires development approval. If the proposed carport or verandah is not attached to a dwelling please see outbuildings.

Carports and verandahs should not dominate the view from the street of the dwelling to which they are attached. The design of the proposed carport or verandah will need to be reviewed to ensure that it is structurally adequate. Details of the materials to be used and the footings of the structure will be required.

In most circumstances, if you are installing a door to an existing carport you will not be required to obtain development approval.

A Building Rules Consent only application can be lodged for the construction or alteration of, or addition to a carport or verandah which:

  • is ancillary to a dwelling erected on the site; and
  • is not being constructed, added to or altered so that any part of the structure is situated in front of any part of the building line of the building to which it is ancillary; and
  • is set back at least 5.5 metres from the primary street; and
  • complies with the following requirements as to dimensions:
    • a total floor area not exceeding 40 square metres;
    • if within 900 millimetres of a boundary the wall height for any posts does not exceed 3 metres
    • a roof height where no part of the roof is more than 5 metres above the natural surface of the ground;
    • if on, a boundary of the allotment the length not exceeding 8 metres; and
    • if on, a side boundary —will not result in all relevant walls or structures located along the boundary exceeding 45% of the length of the boundary;
    • if ancillary to— a detached or semi-detached dwelling—the total roofed area of all existing and proposed buildings on the allotment will not exceed 60% of the area of the allotment;
    • if ancllary to any other kind of dwelling—the total roofed area of all existing or proposed buildings on the allotment will not exceed 70% of the area of the allotment;
  • in the case of a carport—
    • will not have an opening or openings for vehicle access facing a street frontage that exceed, in total, 7 metres in width; and
    • is not designed or located so as to provide vehicle access from an alley, lane or right of way that is less than 6.2 metres wide along the boundary of the allotment; and
    • the carport is located so that vehicle access, will use a driveway that is not located within 6 metres of an intersection of 2 or more roads or a pedestrian actuated crossing, will not interfere with an item of street furniture (including directional signs, lighting, seating and weather shelters), other infrastructure, or a tree, will be via a kerb that is designed to allow a vehicle to roll over it; and has permission from Council.