Carports and Verandahs

Any carport or verandah that is attached to a dwelling requires development approval. If the proposed carport or verandah is not attached to a dwelling please refer to the heading outbuildings.

Carports and verandahs should not dominate the view from the street of the dwelling to which they are attached. The design of the proposed carport or verandah will need to be reviewed to ensure that it is structurally adequate. Details of the materials to be used and the footings of the structure will be required.

In most circumstances, if you are installing a door to an existing carport you will not be required to obtain development approval.

In certain circumstances, carports and verandahs will only require Building Rules Consent and not Development Plan Consent. Please contact Council to confirm whether or not this will apply to your proposed carport or verandah.

For further information on development applications click here.