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Bay Road Mosaic Project

The City of Victor Harbor has received $25,000 in funding from Country Arts SA to support the Bay Road Mosaic project.

The funding will support local Ngarrindjeri artist Cedric Varcoe and mosaic artist Mike Tye to create a 36 metre long artwork depicting the strong cultural connections the Ngarrindjeri and Ramindjeri have to Muwerang (Inman River and Kent Reserve).

Cedric and Mike will work with a number of community mosaic groups over a six-month period to create this large mosaic mural.

This is the second project Country Arts SA has supported in Victor Harbor that Mike and Ngarrindjeri/Ramindjeri Elders have created. In 2014, Mike and Didge McHughes created the Ngarrindjeri/Ramindjeri health and wellbeing mosaic mural at the Victor Medical Centre (Old Courthouse).

The Bay Road Mosaic project will not only produce a large scale, high quality public artwork for Victor Harbor, but it will also provide skill development, deepen the communities’ cultural awareness and will offer a significant cultural acknowledgement of our traditional landowners.

Bay Road balustrade wall along the edge of the Muwerang (Inman River)

Victor Harbor Medical Centre - health and wellbeing mosiac


The Bay Road Barrier is a 36 metre long by one (1) metre high balustrade wall along the edge of the Muwerang (Inman River). The wall is close to the road and prone to graffiti. Victor Harbor has two community mosaic groups who have been looking for a large community project and a piece to encourage skill development. After community consultation on a range of potential public art projects, the creation of a large scale mosaic piece that depicts the Ngarrindjeri and Ramindjeri’s connection to Muwerang was chosen as the most appropriate and significant. Ongoing consultation and conversations have been had with Local Ngarrindjeri elders and the Ramindjeri Heritage Association about Murawang and the Bay Road Barrier Project.

Local artists Mike Tye and Cedric Varcoe were identified by the City of Victor Harbor Arts and Cultural Advisory Group as the most appropriate artist to work with the community on this large scale mosaic project. Mike has extensive experience in large scale community public mosaic projects, and local Ngarrindjeri artist Cedric Varcoe's work is very well known and loved by this community. The pair have a successful history of working together on previous community mosaic projects. The artwork will be created through consultation with Ngarrindjeri and Ramindjeri Elders and the community.  Both artists are very excited at the potential this project has for developing a large scale high quality public artwork that is created through the deepening of the communities’ cultural awareness and skill development.

The Bunnings Victor Harbor Store and Coastal Hive Creative Collective will provide community members with one 3 hour session per week for 20 weeks to work on this Project. The community participants (volunteers) who attend these sessions will complete all the tile cutting and placement required.

Community participation

We are now seeking expressions of interest from members of the community who want to be involved in the creation of this mosaic. Participants don't need to be experienced in the art of mosaic as everyone will have the opportunity to attend skills building workshops with the artists and will be supported by both Bunnings and Coastal Hive.

Email your name, email and mobile to to register your interest.