COVID-19 Response

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) relating to COVID-19. This page will be updated as we receive further questions from our community.

What is Council doing about the COVID-19 pandemic?

The  COVID-19 (Caronavirus) pandemic is evolving quickly. The City of Victor Harbor recognises the importance of a nationally consistent approach to slow the spread of COVID-19 including discouraging non-essential gatherings and ensuring social distancing practices are in place and followed.

On the advice of government authorities, the City of Victor Harbor are frequently assessing how we do things to ensure the safety of our community and staff.

Local Government is considered an essential service, and we will continue to deliver services and projects to support our community – though some of these services may be delivered a little differently to usual.

While the Civic Centre remains open, we strongly encourage residents and ratepayers to contact us via telephone (08 8551 0500) or email ( in the first instance and we will work through your enquiry.

Keep an eye on for further updates.

Are parks, playgrounds, outdoor gym equipment and the skate park still open?

Outdoor exercise equipment, playgrounds and skate parks in Victor Harbor are now CLOSED.

You can still exercise in our parks or reserves. But make sure you do not gather in groups of more than two people unless they are part of your household and practice social distancing.

Is Council still holding citizenship ceremonies?

Council will not be hosting Citizenship Ceremony scheduled due to health concerns surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19). The next scheduled ceremony is 26 May but we will provide advice closer to the date regarding this ceremony.

Will kerbside waste collection services continue?

Waste collection is an essential service and will continue to be collected as usual. The Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority is closely monitoring the amount of waste being collected from households to manage the service.

Are public toilets still open?

Public toilets remain open at this time. Cleaning and restocking is occurring daily in most locations with additional cleans occurring at high traffic locations.

Please remember to ensure social distancing guidelines are adhered to as confined spaces increase the risk of infection.

What is Council doing to deter visitors to Victor Harbor?

The City of Victor Harbor normally welcomes visitors to our city but current circumstances are far from normal and we are encouraging visitors to stay home to help us keep our community safe.

The Council has implemented a number of measures to help keep our community safe including the recent closure of community facilities, playgrounds, skate park and outdoor gyms.

The Council cannot stop property owners from coming to stay in houses that they own. They are obliged to follow the same social distancing rules as everyone else, staying at home unless they need to shop for essentials, medical or health care needs, exercise (in groups of two or their household), for work or study.

With regards to visitors that don’t own property here, the Council and government authorities have been sending a strong message for people to re-consider their travel plans and stay at home for the safety of our community.

The Council has been communicating this message through State-wide media including television news, The Advertiser, metropolitan radio and social media. We will continue to push this message out in the lead up to Easter.

The Premier and our Local Member, David Basham have also been supporting this message.

We ask that you help us to get this message out by sharing it with your family, friends and neighbours.

For more information about Council’s COVID-19 response visit

Where can I get the latest news and media related to COVID-19?

The Australian Government Department of Health site has a dedicated media and news page.

What are trusted information sources and contacts during this period?

We have a dedicated page to provide you with trusted information sources and contacts to help you and your loved ones during this unprecedented time.

What are the current COVID-19 case numbers in Australia?

Information about the current COVID-19 case numbers in Australia is available on the Department of Health website.

Where can I find travel information?

For updates about travel visit

Where can I find information about delivering shopping or medical needs from pharmacies?

Council has put together a list of services provided by local shops and pharmacies to help residents who are unable or prefer not to leave their homes. View the Community Support webpage to find out more.

How can I help?

As we see an increase in individuals being self-isolated due to COVID-19, it is important we are vigilant and look out for the vulnerable in our community who are often at most risk of contracting the virus.

At this present time, the best thing you can is take steps to help prevent the spread as listed on the Australia Government Department of Health and SA Health.

You may like to help those most vulnerable by offering to collect urgent supplies and groceries or even lending a friendly ear for a chat over the phone with a family member, friend or neighbour. Social distancing does not mean social isolation, pick up the phone and ask, are you okay?

How is Council supporting small business and the local economy?

While the Council has been focused on ensuring there are measures in place to keep our community safe, we are acutely aware that there are many local businesses in need of economic and financial support now.

The Council has adopted some immediate support measures to help its community including: refunds and waivers of outdoor dining licence fees; fee free period for small businesses who have a commercial lease or license agreement with Council; deferral of community and sporting group loan repayments for a 12 month period from 1 March 2020; automatic rate payment extensions, late fees waived, temporary postponement of debt collection.

A broader range of medium to longer term measures will be considered by Council in the 2020/21 budget.

Council staff are also working with businesses to help them meet the new government requirements in terms of social distancing, numbers of people within a certain space, and takeaway regulations.

The Council has also launched a Buy Local campaign to encourage the community to shop local and support businesses who have adapted their business model to help stop the spread of coronavirus. The campaign is centred around a website that provides information on how local businesses are operating during COVID-19. Visit to find out more.

COVID-19 Rate Relief

The City of Victor Harbor is committed to supporting those ratepayers who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and are unable to meet their rating liability requirements.

Read here for Council's COVID-19 Rate Relief