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Outdoor Event Permits

The City of Victor Harbor is responsible for over 100 parks and reserves, including popular event reserves Warland Reserve, Soldiers Memorial Gardens, Soldiers Memorial Reserve, Kent Reserve, and Barker Reserve.

Whether you’re planning a conference, festival or sporting carnival, the City of Victor Harbor has a wide range of venues, parks, reserves, ovals and waterways to suit your needs.

Localities of all the City of Victor Harbor's urban reserves can be found on the City of Victor Harbor Reserves Map.

Find out more about the use of parks, reserves, ovals and waterways in the City of Victor Harbor's Recreation and Open Space Strategy.


Parks and Reserves

To locate and view more detail on the major parks and reserves please follow this link to the Parks, Gardens and Reserves listing.

If you would like to hire a reserve for an event, application forms and further information can be found on this page below.


The City of Victor Harbor has two ovals, the Encounter Bay Oval and the Victor Harbor Oval, which are available for hire for special events. These ovals are used throughout the summer and winter months by a number of sporting and community groups.

Find out more about the Encounter Bay & Victor Harbor Ovals .

Beaches and Waterways

Where use of the Encounter Lakes waterway is required for aquatic activities, an Aquatics Activities Permit is to be submitted to City of Victor Harbor, and approval is to be obtained no less than seven (7) days prior to the hire date.

Where use of the Encounter Marine Park is required for aquatic activities, an aquatic activity license from Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure is required.

Where use of The Causeway is required for an event, a permit is required from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.

The Encounter Lakes waterway has two public swimming beaches, making it the perfect location for a number of aquatic activities and related events.  Public swimming beaches are located at C M Thorpe Park (Bartel Boulevard) and J W Crompton Reserve (Tabernacle Road).  Find out more about waterways in the Encounter Lakes and Franklin Island Information Sheet

If you wish to book both a reserve and use the nearby waterway for an event, you will need to complete both an Event Permit and an Aquatic Activities Permit as outlined below.

Application Forms

Permit typeFind Out More
Aquatic Activities PermitTo use a waterway for an event or activity. Both one off or regular activity
Fitness Activity Permit For ongoing periodic use of a reserve, oval or beach for once off or regular fitness activities.
Event PermitTo use a reserve, oval or beach for a once off special event.

Major Events

If your event is anticipated to attract over 500 people, require road closures please contact Councils Festivals and Events Officer on 8551 0500 prior to submitting an application.


Fees and Charges

Site fees are charged based on the location, applicant entity type, and selected reserve.

Event permits and license fees, refer to pages 5-9 of Council's 2020/21 Fees and Charges


Council values the cultural, community and sporting initiatives that enhance the quality of life in the local area.

Council can consider requests for financial assistance by way of donation, sponsorship and subsidies to local service, cultural, sporting and non-profit organisations which operate within, and provide benefit to the City of Victor Harbor Community and communities of interest.

Requests for donations and/or fee waivers must be done via the application form below.

Applications for funding are to be for a specific purpose and not be considered as a recurrent source of future funding.

Please refer to our Donation Policy for further information and requirements to meet the donation and/or fee waiver request.

Donation/Fee Waiver Application Form

Donation/Fee Waiver Policy