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Trees & Vegetation

The abundance of both natural and planted trees and vegetation within the Council area adds greatly to the enhancement and enjoyment of our valued environment and lifestyle.

Council aims to ensure that trees on roads, community land and other public landscapes within the care and control of Council are planted and maintained consistent with current legislative requirements, risk management principles, ecologically sustainable development principles and community amenity values.

For further information please refer to the: Tree Management Strategy and the Tree Management Policy.

Street Trees

Council Tree Planting Programs

The City of Victor Harbor plans to plant more street trees to increase the amount of urban green cover throughout Victor Harbor.

Trees are important in urban areas as they provide shade and reduce the impact of radiant heat. They also increase the amenity of an area.

Tree species are selected based on their suitability for the conditions and area available.

Street Tree Care

Where a tree is planted as a part of our street tree planting program, council encourages residents of adjoining properties to help maintain the tree during the first two years.

Residents are encouraged to care for their street tree by:

  • Not removing or transplanting it
  • Watering it regularly (at least two buckets of water every week during hot weather)
  • Not placing grass as mulch at the base of the tree
  • Not damaging the tree with vehicles or by any other means
  • Not pruning or cutting the tree

Street Tree Program for 2018/19

The following streets have been identified for the street tree planting program in the coming year:

  • Jasmine Drive, Victor Harbor
  • Murray Street, Victor Harbor
  • Langley Road, McCracken (continuation)
  • Mentone Road, Hayborough (continuation)
  • Sells Street, Hayborough (continuation)
  • Sinclair Street, Hayborough (continuation)
  • Ocean Road, Hayborough
  • Ainslie Roberts Drive, Encounter Bay (continuation)

Should you have any queries about the tree planting program please contact council on (08) 8551 0703.

Tree Pruning

The frequency with which council street trees need to be pruned can be affected by a large number of external evironmental factors. If you wish to notify council of a tree that needs to be pruned, please contact the City of Victor Harbor Customer Service on 08 8551 0500 or email localgov@victor.sa.gov.au.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal Requests

Requests for tree removal should be submitted in writing, for consideration, via the following application:

Application for Street/Public Tree removal

Once complete please forward to the Manager of Environment and Recreation, City of Victor Harbor, PO Box 11, Victor Harbor  SA  5211. Requests for tree removal will then be reported to the Tree Assessment Panel.

Tree Planting Requests

Council approval is required before planting any trees or vegetation on public land. For requests for tree planting on public land please complete the Application for Works on Council Roads - Including Footpaths and Naturestrip.

Where a ratepayer requests a tree to be planted on the nature strip adjoining their property they shall be encouraged to maintain the tree for the first two years. For tree species lisiting please read below.

Should you have any further enquiries please contact Council's Environment and Infrastructure Department on 08 8551 0523. Residents wishing to have a street tree on their nature strip must submit their request in writing to Council by post or email localgov@victor.sa.gov.au

Street Tree Species List

Please be aware that you need to get approval from council before planting any trees on council land.

City of Victor Harbor Street Tree Species List 

City of Victor Harbor - Plants NOT approved for planting on Council land.

Heritage Listed Trees

There are a number of Heritiage listed trees within the City of Victor Harbor.

Click here for further details

Roadside Vegetation

Roadside Marker System

Roadside Vegetation

The City of Victor Harbor is an enthusiastic participant in the Roadside Marker Systerm (RMS), an initiative which allows managing authorities, such as Council and Transport SA, to identify and maintian good-quality patches of native vegetation that occur on road reserves.

For further information please refer to the: The Southern Fleurieu Pensinsula Roadside Vegetation Plan 2011

For further information on roadside  vegetation please refer to the: Roadside Marker System Brochure(1028 kb)


Managing Trees Around Powerlines

To request pruning of vegetation around a public supply line (i.e. supply lines on public footpaths/roads) please contact SA Power Network on 13 12 61 or submit an on-line request at website http://www.sapowernetworks.com.au/centric/corporate/contact_us

For more information about SA Power Networks vegetation management program, please visit website http://www.sapowernetworks.com.au/centric/corporate/trees_and_powerlines.jsp or contact them on 13 12 61.  You can also contact the Office of the Technical Regulator on 8226 5500.

The below links provide information sourced from SA Power Network website:

SA Power Networks - Brochure - Managing Trees Around Powerlines(501 kb)

SA Power Networks - Fact Sheet 

SA Power Networks - Frequently Asked Questions


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