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Do I need Development Approval?

Building a new dwelling or extending or altering an existing building will require Development Approval from Council. Development Approval comprises both Planning Consent (Development Plan Consent) and Building Consent (Building Rules Consent). The application may be made for both consents together or separately.

What is Required to Submit a Development Application?

All Applications (including but not limited to) -

Development Plan Consent (including but not limited to) -

  • site plan
  • floor plan
  • elevation drawings showing building materials, finishes and colours
  • contour plan

Building Rules Consent (including but not limited to) -

  • Construction Industry Training Levy (or evidence of payment)
  • Housing Indemnity Insurance certificate
  • dimensioned floor plans
  • dimensioned elevations and sections
  • footing details
  • specifications
  • engineering documentation
  • wall and roof bracing and tie down details
  • roof, wall and floor layouts
  • wet area details

For further information on Development Applications please click here.

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