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Nominate to be a community representative on a council committee

The City of Victor Harbor is seeking nominations for community representatives to serve on a number of its Section 41 Committees.

Role of Section 41 Committees

Section 41 Committees play a central role in ensuring community involvement in local decision making. The committees consist of both Elected Members and community representatives, and meet on a regular basis and make recommendations to the Council.

All of Council’s Section 41 Committee’s report to the Council and are subject to the requirements of the Local Government Act 1999.

What Section 41 Committees can I nominate for?

Community members are invited to nominate to be a representative on the City of Victor Harbor Section 41 Committees listed below.

Economic Development and Tourism Committee
Terms of Reference - Economic Development and Tourism Committee(72 kb)
Nomination Form - Economic Development and Tourism Committee(91 kb)

Boating Advisory Committee
Terms of Reference - Boating Advisory Committee(150 kb)
Nomination Form - Boating Advisory Committee(91 kb)

Recreation and Sport Committee
Terms of Reference - Recreation and Sport Committee(54 kb)
Nomination Form - Recreation and Sport Committee(81 kb)

Heritage Advisory Committee
Terms of Reference - Heritage Advisory Committee(60 kb)
Nomination Form - Heritage Advisory Committee(79 kb)

Disability Access Advisory Committee
Terms of Reference - Disability Access Advisory Committee(57 kb) 
Nomination Form - Disability Access Advisory Committee(94 kb)

Get involved in a council committee

How to nominate

To nominate as a community representative, you must complete the nomination form for the relevant committee/s you wish to apply for. In addition to completing the nomination form, it’s important that you read the terms of reference for the committee/s.

Completed nomination forms should be addressed attention to the Chief Executive Officer (Section 41 Committee) and returned by:

  • Post – City of Victor Harbor, PO Box 11, Victor Harbor SA 5211
  • Emaillocalgov@victor.sa.gov.au
  • In person – delivered to the Civic Centre, 1 Bay Road, Victor Harbor.

Nominations must be received before 5pm on Friday, 18 August 2017.

More information

If you have further questions about being a community representative on a City of Victor Harbor Section 41 Committee, please call (08) 8551 0500.


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